#387 The Kills – dying for Meadowlark jewellery

photo: Lucy Hunt

British band The Kills (sans Kate Moss) were in Auckland for one show only last week, which, by all accounts was a goodie. Besides playing, word on the street is the duo did a shoot with NO. Magazine, and managed to get in a spot of jewellery shopping.

Luckily a camera was on hand, and here are the results (more after the jump).

All photos: Lucy Hunt

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  1. Anonymous says

    oh look their also wearing Deadly ponies & company of strangers.. ‘The Kills heart free Jewellery…more like!

  2. Anonymous says

    They were actually given some deadly ponies and company of strangers also, which are possibly in the mix and were worn readily… these are shots where a photo has been taken at soundcheck and they were given meadowlark…..possibly by the photographer?? the kills did not search out meadowlark as such and were given alot of gifts when they were here oh to be a rockstar…

  3. Anonymous says

    sorry but i hardly think the kills are ‘dying’ for meadowlark, i actually find their designs very copied.. that anchor jamie is wearing is the same as one that was made by WHITE TRASH CHARMS a few years back and sold at karen walker. the sword alison is wearing or wore on stage is so so so similar to the one karen walker did in earlier jewellery collections, maybe meadowlark shop at karen walker? i hate copying, its always noticed by those in the know.

  4. Anonymous says

    i think you will find that alison also wears a pair of bambi or fawn legs by deadly ponies if you look closely. sorry meadowlark but its not all about you.

  5. Anonymous says

    the first commenter makes it sort of sound like they just landed and got their tour manager to call all the local labels and ask for free stuff. Which is obviously not the case.

    Probably wasn’t the intention of the comment. but it comes off that way.
    If I were a designer I’d be so stoked to have Jamie or Alison photographed wearing my product.
    Musicians are constantly getting given free stuff, I can’t remember if Isaac mentioned it in his post, but Stolen Girlfriends Club gifted Kings Of Leon a bunch of stuff when they rolled through Auckland as well.

    It’s just the way of the world.

  6. Anonymous says

    Gee, you guys know your stuff! The pictures are awesome and I’m gutted I didn’t get to see The Kills last week! Although, they are only half-British, no? I thought Alison was American…. details, details.

  7. Anonymous says

    dear anonymous #2
    – please note jaimie wears key necklace by company of strangers … credit is due to company of strangers, so pls check your facts first, its not just meadowlark and vintage. anyway this is getting boring,
    i don’t think meadowlark should take all the glory and send a press release out about it when theres other labels involved and using a snapshot taken at a sound check. why should they use the kills as a free ad?!, not sure the kills or their management would be very happy either. they probably cost a lot more than a meadowlark necklace.

  8. Anonymous says

    Ooooh battle of the showrooms!! I love it!! Do you honestly think a PR company is going to announce that a band is wearing their client’s pieces AS WELL as another showrooms client?? Kudos to them for organising a photo and sending a press release, isn’t that what a PR showroom SHOULD be doing??

  9. Anonymous says

    haha yeah but it’s fun to take the piss of self-righteous PR folk… Lets be honest no-one really cares what he hell they are wearing, surely they will be gifted new jewellery on the australian leg of their tour and these will be be repackaged as very nice Xmas presents… But good on Meadowlark for giving it a good go…

  10. Anonymous says

    Maybe Isaac Likes should have found out what had actually happened before blogging since it has caused such an uproar. Rather than saying they went jewellery shopping he could have pointed out that Meadowlark arranged to give them jewellery and had someone there to take photos of it for them rather than make out it was a random act.

  11. says

    What is it with NZers and tall poppies syndrome!? No the manager did not call around to see if there were any companies that would give them “free” stuff! The meet with Meadowlark and The Kills was arranged in Feb this year, organised through me, a New Zealander, who works with them. I just wanted to help a NZ company get some international exposure! God you are all a bunch of whining arseholes!

  12. Anonymous says

    I agree(I left comment before Nicola), good on Meadowlark for approaching them, it’s a great way to get your name out there especially if it’s a band you love. I was just pointing out that the messenger may have misrepresented the story therefore causing a ruckus.

  13. says

    i couldn’t help myself but wade into this insane debate!! Apologies first to you Isaac…I hate it when people use my blog as a bashing ground too. So I plan not to bash!

    It seems to me after reading all the scathing and critical comments from the throng of big strong “anonymous” posters, that there is a MASSIVE element of jealously in the NZ fashion industry. Meadowlark simply took advantage of a good piece of promotion. The Kills wearing their label. That is awesome. Did they need to also promote the other labels that were worn??? No…i guess they assumed that their competition would have enough amibition to do this themselves.
    Good on you guys.

  14. Anonymous says

    Heya, Sara From Company of Strangers here, I don’t care what anybody says I’m STOKED to have Jaimie from The Kills wearing my key necklace because I’m actually a BIG fan…. So YAH to Deadly Ponies and Meadowlark I say! Ps I have a meadowlark stud ring I wear every day… Lets be friends x

  15. Anonymous says

    In all of this tooing-and-froing of nonsense, you all forgot to comment about how HOT Alsion is!

    Shame on you all

  16. says

    If it makes any difference, Jamie was wearing the keys necklace and Alison was wearing the sword necklace at the Melbourne show on Friday night… by choice!

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