#389 Panel beating, supermarket shopping and no Burts Bees

I did two things I very rarely do this morning – went supermarket shopping, and walked. You might remember last week I had a few car dramas, specifically, a rust problem which led to my Honda Civic failing its warrant and led to me getting quoted $1500 for the repair job (and then crying). I freaked out at the cost of repairing it, and put a call out on Facebook for help:

My saviours

Luckily my prayers were answered and my friend Kendra told me about this cheap place on Great North Rd, so off I went. I pulled up and got out of my car. A middle aged Chinese woman came to help me. I showed her my Warrant of Fitness paper and she had a look at the rust. “You want cheap price?” she asked. “Yes please!” I said, imagining maybe $1200 or so. “For you, three hundred dollar.” I tried to stay calm and casual so she wouldn’t feel like she’d gone in too cheap. “Hmmm, $300 you say… Yeah, I reckon I can deal with that, book her in.”

The results of my supermarket shopping – I’m fairly sure that all the food groups are covered.

I dropped my car off to her this morning, then decided to go to the supermarket on the way home. Anybody who knows me knows I’m absolutely useless at feeding myself. I hate supermarket shopping, can’t stand cooking for myself and have an inability to motivate myself to do either. So I generally just don’t. Sometimes I have a few lucky weeks where I get several dinner invitations (my aunty Debbie and cousin Nikau have been feeding me quite a bit lately), but if not, I’ll usually sit around thinking ‘I should go eat…’ but never quite get up and do it.

Let me give you an example. Yesterday, I woke up at about 8am and went to Benediction, my friendly neighbourhood cafe, and bought a ham sandwich and a small piece of ginger crunch. By about 3:30pm I was feeling a bit peckish again, so I went across the road to Kohu Road (the best ice cream company ever created), and got myself a chocolate ice cream. Later, I ate a chocolate licorice log. By around 8:30pm I was pretty hungry again, and I texted a few people to see if they had dinner plans. They all did, so I stayed at home thinking ‘I really should eat something,’ but never quite got around to doing it. Anyone out there looking for a ward?

Breakfast – Hubbards muesli with yoghurt

Followed by a delightful cup of Moroccan Mint green tea

My tower of Burts Bees

Feeling rather productive after my supermarket shop this morning, I went up to Ponsonby Road to buy a new tin of Burts Bees. I’m absolutely addicted to this stuff, and must have it with me at all times. Sadly, World Beauty Ponsonby had sold out, so I’m Burts Bees-less until I get my car back and make it into their Vulcan Lane store.

But at least I’m not hungry…

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