#401 NZ’s Next Top Model criticism: where are the non-whites?


New Zealand’s Next Top Model has encountered criticism in an NZ Herald article today over the mono-culturalism of the final contestants chosen. According to the article, of the 13 finalists, only two identify themselves as Maori. It doesn’t say which two, but I would assume Tiffany and Hosanna. Besides those two, there’s Ajoh from Sudan, and I’m not 100% sure, but Ruby looks to me to be part Cook Island Maori or something similar. The remaining nine are about as white as they come, with one commentator noting:

“These girls are pretty, but they all look like Supre [clothing] store girls.”

Check out the article and share your thoughts – I’m going to write more on this later. In a related topic, I’m MCing the NZ Race Unity Speech Awards tonight!

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  1. Anonymous says

    black, white, yellow who cares they are all spuds. Thats such a new zealand thing to moan about, next theyll be kicked out of the house because its on a foreshore.

  2. Anonymous says

    I tend to agree with the criticisms put forth by this blog entry and the newspaper article. I get quite sick of seeing the same emaciated looking European boys and girls on the runway, over and over and over again. *roll eyes*

    I have nothing against Europeans, as I’m part that myself. However, to just see skinny Europeans on the runway is not an accurate reflection of today’s world.

    A Colourful Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Penguins

  3. Anonymous says

    It seems to be improving as we hit the top 10. Since the article doesn’t say who identifies as Maori, I’d guess Hosanna and Ruby might. Then there’s Ajoh, who would fall into the ‘other’ category of NZ’s population demographics. This is actually not far off representative. (70 percent Euro, 20 percent Maori/Pacific Island), 10 percent other (incl Asian).

    And hey – they covered off redheads. Isn’t that enough affirmative action?

  4. Anonymous says

    The judges cannot be expected to select candidates based on whether or not they fulfill some ridiculous idealist racial rainbow. There’s a word for giving someone preferential treatment based on their ethnicity. It’s called RACISM.

  5. Anonymous says

    I agree with the above comment. If the selection were influenced by race then that would infact be racist.

    They could not help who applied and i’m sure that if someone with Grace Hobson’s beauty had applied, then she would be in there. It is a matter of beauty, not race.

    This programme is not created to reflect New Zealand, it is created to reflect the modelling scene. Well I think it is, but I am fast loosing my respect for it as I hear that it is not so much of a model competition, but an acting competition. Hmmm who knows. But back to the point: selecting participants based on their race is racism.

  6. Anonymous says

    I agree with the above comment too. I watched only two episodes and the reasons were, the show wasn’t like American next top model level but then again i do give them credits for what they are doing. It’s their first time and i know their second NZNTM will be much better.

    At the end of the day, it’s a reality show for young models. I think it’s really positive. I don’t think there were any Racism involved with this show from day 1. The press has nothing to write about obviously. Why don’t they just write positive aspect of this show? Would this be another form of NZ’s Tall Poppy Syndrome? I don’t know.

    We should have a show called “NZ’s Next Top Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

  7. Anonymous says

    ‘Where are the NON-WHITES?’ That’s the most racist thing I’ve ever heard. As if people who have white skin don’t come from different places, have different cultures, values or god forbid sit in different sectors of the socio-economic chart. I’m so sick of being constantly herded into one big non-culture!

  8. L says

    Bigger or shorter issue here….. Grace Hobson is what 16,17 by now? and lives in South Auck? Nova lists her measurements as 5’10 and 32-24-34…. Something that most of those girls are clearly not.
    I hate to be fat-ist or normal-ist but have any of you NZ top model girls tried on one of those designer size 6s lately, why the heck would you hire a 5’7 22 year old from Dunedin or wherever when you can just get like Derya from 62? (5’9.5 and 32-24-34) or Georgia from clyne? (5’9.5 and 33-25-34.5)

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