#460 Take a Hike Australians, Kate Sylvester has landed!

Video courtesy of MAX

After a week of cocktail frocks, bulging breasts and see through skirts, it was an absolute pleasure to see some healthy hikers in Kate Sylvester’s latest womenswear collection. Highlights include the thigh high sequinned spats, the linen sacking and the custom painted Doc boots (done specially by Wayne Conway’s panel beater). And always good to see a Kiwi model trifecta – all three boys in the show were NZers – Vinnie P from 62, Bruce from August and Red from Red11. Myf Shepherd did an unplanned opening – according to Patty Huntington’s latest Tweet, Chic threatened to pull her from the show 40 minutes before starting unless she opened or closed. Dramas! (Full story here on Frockwriter.) You might remember I asked Sylvester on Sunday if there were any hidden firecrackers to follow up on last year’s medalgate fiasco, she answered a definitive no – I guess this one surprised everyone involved. Poor old Kate, I feel for you! But don’t worry, the show definitely spoke for itself.

Backstage pics after the jump…

Triumphant Kate Sylvester with models

The show’s stylist Karen Inderbitzen Waller – time for celebrations!

(Despite being 11am… that’s not too early… right??)

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  1. Anonymous says

    Is it just me or are the best elements of Kate Sylvester’s last few ranges all looking like style pages taken straight from the book of one Monique Saville, former Kate Sylvester PR? Sometimes I just feel like I’m looking at a model dressed up like Monique. Credit where credit is due?

  2. Anonymous says

    Crab Boy, you can see them!

    I don’t think they look anything like the way Monique dresses! The range that just when down the runway was very av not her best……..

  3. Anonymous says

    YAWN! tall poppies, monique made the jewellery and was credited duely…. what a great show !!!!!!!!!!! she made us proud. it was great to watch a kiwi taking flight amongst the crap that is sydney fashion week.

  4. Anonymous says

    ummm monique works at kate sylvester and is lucky enough to wear limited samples, and have the op to work on the show ,… credit a great designer with happy staff PLEASE!

  5. Anonymous says

    I got the dreaded swine flu from making out with my pig Mr. Bear. What do I need to do to not die?

    A Colourful Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Penguins

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