#468 RAFW Day 3 recap

It’s never too early – Karen IW having celebratory champers backstage at Kate Sylvester

I think I may have found the cure to all my RAFW ails: food. Who’d’ve thought it? (Well apart from my mum, who’d’ve thought it? Hi Mum.) After yesterday’s demoralising disaster of a day, today actually went by quite nicely indeed. I woke up late, not wanting to get off my two seater non-fold out couch (due to yesterday’s mare), finally dragged myself off and into the shower, decided not to shave because who cares what I look like, it’s going to be crap anyway, then put on basically the same outfit as yesterday, because who cares what I look like, it’s going to be crap anyway. But there’s one good thing about hitting rock bottom, there’s only one way to go – up.

Jimmy D sequinning it up in Cooper by Trelise Cooper pants. Yes, Cooper by Trelise Cooper

My bad mood continued for most of my bus ride to the venue, until I had two thoughts that put things into perspective. First, it’s only fashion, it was one bad day and there are far greater things going terribly in this world, and second, everything’s going to be alright. Amazing how much those five words can do for a guy. I was almost smiling when I arrived at RAFW headquarters with ten minutes to spare before the first show, and headed up to the media centre. When I got there I was greeted by the chipper faces of my fellow bloggers and other assorted journalists. Everything was going to be alright.

Grace Jones flat tops and golden panda eyes at Konstantina Mittas modelled by our own Samantha Shorter

First up was Konstantina Mittas, styled by New Zealand’s Tulia Wilson (formerly of Zambesi and Ksubi fame), and which also featured Kiwi model Samantha Shorter. The lights went down and a single model stood at the entry to the catwalk, engulfed in a cloud of dry ice smoke. Slight hitch, the smoke kept coming. And coming. And coming and coming and coming that by the time the third model had walked the catwalk, nobody could see a foot in front of their faces. A woman sitting next to me holding her baby looked terribly upset and got up out of the front row and walked out, cradling the poor child as if it was dying in her arms. I should have told her it’s only dry ice – everything’s going to be alright. Konstantina showed a great collection, definitely one of my favourite so far. There’s a bit of a sweater movement going on in this town and she showed a couple of the better ones yet. But most spectacular was the hair – Grace Jones flat tops that took three stylists two hours to create on each girl. No wonder their call time was five am. Yowsers.

High shine wraparound hair backstage at Kirrily Johnston

Next thing we ran back to the media room to upload videos and a lovely sight met our eyes. Food. Glorious food. Piles of sandwiches, pastries, grapes, strawberries, mini Asian noodle boxes, wonderful delicious food. I ate and ate and started to feel even better than before.

Identical twins flanking unknown blonde – all from Sydney but all born in New Zealand

Kate Sylvester took the stage next and showed a cute collection of outdoorsy linen sacking with a few prim nana cardigans thrown in. The colourful Doc boots went down a treat, spray painted especially for the show by the Sylvester’s panel beater. Kate Sylvester has a bit of a track record for scandal and drama here in Australia, one year showing a collection based on boxing a couple of days after a female boxer was killed in the ring, and last year putting war medals on the outfits on ANZAC Day. This year was no exception, with Myf Shepherd, Fashion Week’s highest profile model, almost being pulled from the show by her agency Chic 40 minutes before start time over an opening/closing debacle. Word has it that a town car was dispatched to pick the poor girl up as she cringed over the fiasco. She ended up opening and the show went on without a hitch. Critics raved so I hope Sylvester didn’t take it to heart. She’d told me a couple of days earlier that she was hoping for a drama free show this year.

Tom foolery in the media centre

The rest of the day went by without a hitch, no huge internet dramas, shows missed or entry refusal. Tonight’s highlight was Jayson Brundson, a quaint salon show filled with opulent old world glamour – Grecian goddess dresses, silk taffeta gowns and 40s shorts and blouse combos. Brundson dedicated the show to his mother who sat front and centre. What a good son.

Myf who? A very relieved looking Kate Sylvester backstage after her show

I wrote the lion’s share of this while I was on the bus home, and I’m finishing it off on my two seater non-fold out couch. I learnt my lesson today – the more food consumed, the happier I am. I’m not even exhausted right now. Or maybe my new philosophy to life is a self fulfilling one – everything’s going to be alright.

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  1. says

    I couldn’t get the damn video up there tonight! Internet’s not working properly. I’ll have the show video and the pre show film up first thing in the morning. Preshow film was HOT HOT HOT and Kirrily show was great!

  2. Anonymous says

    Yes, enjoyed this blog.

    Everything IS going to be alright.

    Everything IS alright.

    Everything IS.


    pierre st emilion

  3. Mace says

    An army marches on its stomach buddy. Keep blogging your face off, and keep in mind that the lucky country still sells sweet sweet gatorade.

  4. Megan says

    Nice work this week Isaac. That media centre looks a darn sight more cushy than the one at NZFW! And food too? Unheard of. Did you have to blag your way into Kate Sylvester, like she said?

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