#476 Front row at Kate Sylvester

Photo courtesy of Steve Wood

Me and Samantha (still in her hair and makeup from Konstantina Mittas) before the Kate Sylvester show started. Ms Sylvester gave me the challenge of sneaking in with no invite and I told her I’d bring a friend along for the ride. Here’s proof. Don’t you love the extreme flash action? Real life air brushing! Check out Steve Wood’s website above – he was one of the most prolific photographers of Princess Diana, he was there live at 9/11, and when the Tsunami hit and he shoots a bit of backstage fashion in his downtime. (He’s also the famous kisser.)

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  1. Anonymous says

    Its a strange season. Theres no where near the usual madness and crowds that linger at the venue. That explains how its so easy to get into shows here….no one else is going.

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