#498 Olivia O’Driscoll, all covered up

Image /res4u.net

I haven’t heard much from Olivia O’Driscoll for the past couple of months, so I was happy to see this one show up in my Google Alerts this morning. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this girl is 100% New Zealand’s brightest star in the making right now. I love that face. Here she is on the cover of Japanese magazine Spur, which she shot alongside Elle, Figaro, Harpers Bazaar, Dazzle and Gisele when she was in Tokyo in March. Is it just me or is there ten times more writing on that cover than on a normal magazine?

Word on the street is that she’s planning a return to the runways in Europe and the States for next season – I’ll be watching out. Tons of new O’Driscoll editorial after the jump.

All images Spur Magazine /the fashion spot

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