#502 Brain Slaves Inkorporated

I respect (and/or am baffled by) anybody who has the balls to get a tattoo. It’s the commitment factor – how do you know that whatever you think is cool now will be cool for you in five years time? Or fifty years time?? You’ll be all like ‘When I was young laddy, the boys and I used to all try and kiss one-eyed Sue whenever we went to the Fat Lady’s Arms, that’s why I’ve got this here tattoo of a one-eyed belly-dancing albino on my arm.’ Girlfriend/Boyfriend name tattoos are the worst. If you walk in on Gertrude or Bernard getting it on with someone else you’re going to feel pretty darn silly about that big name you have slap bang in the middle of your bicep.

I caught up with my main man Jordan Morris this afternoon for the first time in weeks. Jordan plays guitar in Brain Slaves (formerly The Coshercot Honeys), my all time favourite New Zealand band. Jordan and the four other members of Brain Slaves have all just gotten Brain Slaves tattooed on various parts of their bodies – arms, chests etc. I just hope for their sake that they don’t get sick of this new name anytime soon. That shit’s for life!

Jordan Morris proudly displaying his new tattoo

The Brain Slaves are moving to Sydney next month, and to celebrate their departure they’re throwing a gargantuan party at the Monte Cristo. They’re going to be shooting a video for their new song Weekend Story at the party, so if you’ve ever had ambitions of getting on TV, this could be your big opportunity. I’m fairly sure that if you’re a mad groupie and you get the Brain Slaves tattoo, you’ll get a starring role.

Do it.


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  1. Anonymous says

    what idiots!!! do they not realise they were idiots from the morning they were born. poor boys!

  2. Mace says

    In fifty years time it will probably remind them that they were once in a sweet band, and had an awesome time being idiots.

  3. says

    Hi my name is anonymous and i love jacking off and drinking my own piss and hiding behind a well known pseudonym while commenting on blogs.


  4. Scott says

    Shit, this is worse than some of the comments people leave on Youtube videos, you know the 12 year old boys who think they know so much about something that they are willing to slam someone else, even though they secretly know themselves that they don’t have the balls to do anything other than follow other peoples leads. Don’t hate on people who are trying to do something creative, Jealousness is obvious remember!

  5. Anonymous says

    Brain Slaves are the best band in Auckland!

    Who cares if they sound a bit british – thats probably the kind of music theyr influenced by…

  6. says

    ‘Brains’ is so far of the truth its horrible, Brainslaves are one of the best bands to come out of nz in a while along with the checks and white birds and lemons. They are not shit at all there very much opposite they are truely amazing. If you see them live ur mind will blow. Its a pitty that nz music puts money into such crap bands e.g opshop and dont embrace the brillance of the likes of the brainslaves. No doubt they will make it big in Australia and they deserve it.

  7. Anonymous says

    This made my day, David Grr, you are the man. Jordan, bicep definition is ok, but shoulders leave a little to be desired. I recommend 3×10 reps arnie presses + 3×10 reps cuban press on alternating days of the week.

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