#505 Bloggers backstage and more adventures to come!

Photo /Sonny Vandevelde

Hot diggity dog do I miss Sydney! I mentioned when I got home that I find it really difficult to keep my spirits up after a good fashion week – the excitement and adrenaline of working so fast and so hard for 18 hours per day is my favourite thing in the world. Nothing beats it. So it was nice to get a little reminder from Sydney this afternoon when Sonny posted the above photo on his blog. I’m with Patty Huntington, the girls from giant German blog Lesmads and the Despotic Queen himself.

But don’t worry, my spirits won’t stay down forever, I’m already planning my next big adventure – menswear in Milan and Paris, both in Berlin and Haute Couture in Paris – all from June 20 – July 10. Only five weeks to wait! I’m just working on possible sponsors/media outlets right now. More news as it comes through.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m suffering withdrawals from lack of twitter updates every minute during RAFW… i hope you’ll be twittering Couture!

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