#514 It’s my jam by Jordan Rondel – Refurbishing

I spend a hell of a lot of time in my bedroom. It’s big and warm and cosy and most importantly it’s my space. I’m currently in the process of refurbishing it, which is a good thing to do when you feel like you need a bit of a change in life. I’m already sleeping better and get a little twinge of happiness when I walk into my refreshed room. First I gave it a big clean and de-cluttered my wardrobe by getting rid of anything I hadn’t worn in the last 6 months. I changed the position and direction of my bed so it’s no longer facing the door – bad feng shui I’m told, and geared it up with a bulging feather duvet and lots of pillows in preparation for inevitable cold nights. It’s the small things in life which keep me in good spirits, so I light my delicious Comme candle and I’ve made a vow to have fresh flowers every week.


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