#517 Outtakes by Karen Inderbitzen Waller

“Outtakes from my trip to Paris where I shot for Fashion Quarterly. The girls are so so beautiful in Paris, paired with the scenery it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Eva from Czech Republic wears the ‘J’adore paris’ tee we bought from a souvenir shop just as she’d had her makeup finished before we headed for the streets of paris to shoot for the day. Rosannne from Holland poses in the carousel at the end of a long day’s shooting as we are about to get kicked out of the Sacre Coeur. The last shot is taken outside Serge Gainsbourg’s apartment where we photographed Eva, its a pretty special place and no one was around, I love the tributes to Serge spray-canned outside.”

Photos: Karen Inderbitzen Waller
Lighting and digital: Avril Planqueel
Fashion: Rachel Morton
Hair and makeup: Corrine Fouet from Airport Agency
Models Eva P and Roseanne S at Viva Paris


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  1. Anonymous says

    all you anonymous haters out there should get the balls to go by your names, shows you are just nasty haters and not someone who has something valid to say.

  2. Anonymous says

    i agree, theres too much nastiness in the world already – spread the love and admire those that are actually getting off their arses and doing something with themselves, like isaac.
    love your site, keep it up (see its so easy to spread the LOVE)
    anonymous NICE person

  3. Anonymous says

    Karen is one of the biggest talents in NZ fashion, and one of the nicest in this bitchy industry too, I love her style, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, and when your work is in the public sphere, you take the good with the bad!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Karen is one of the best and doing so well!!!!! what are you doing anonymous jelly are we…………..

  5. Anonymous says

    She may be one of the biggest talents but thats easy when almost everyone else is shit. Once someone gets a monopoly on the industry here its all over for everyone else. Whether your work is good or not, who cares? its about your name.

  6. Lou hatton says

    I think you will find these images are outtakes – wait till you see the final edited images! they will be amazing! karen is one of my insperations shes very talented, and its a hard idustry to break into!

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