#518 Nike Air Yeezy – Kanye West designed shoes part II

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I’m no sneaker-freaker and I don’t generally get into thugged out style, but that don’t mean I’m not straight East Coast gangsta. Plus, if Mr West’s in, I’m in too. (Remember those Kanye for LV shoes back in Paris?) And I do have a bit of a soft spot for Nike, I was quite into Dunks for a while there and used to try to wear a different pair most days of the week – until I realised how much more fun could be had by wearing the exact same outfit everyday! So here’s the dillyo. Kanye West has designed an extremely limited edition pair of shoes (above) for Nike, named the Air Yeezy. Each country is being sent 30 pairs, and all the New Zealand ones are going to Auckland store Qubic on Broadway. To celebrate, the store is having a bit of a shin-dig with music, giveaways and all that sort of jazz.

Since demand for the shoes is so ridiculously high, they’ve devised a clever little way of selling them. The first 100 people in line all get a lottery ticket. 30 of those tickets will be winners, and those 30 get to buy the shoes. The first 50 in the queue will also get a goody bag with assorted Kanye West merch – details here. The shoes are $350 each – but I hear they’ll fetch a whole lot more than that on eBay the next day… Party starts at 7pm, but if you want a chance to actually buy the shoes, I’d suggest queuing up 6:45pm… the day before.

Special thanks to my main man Simon Hoffman for the heads up. Closeups of the shoe below.

All images /Qubic

Yes, they glow in the dark – just like Kanye’s tour!


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  1. says

    i came to say how much better these are than the louis vuitton ones he made…but i got distracted by that applehates thing….i just don’t get it ay

  2. Anonymous says

    i’m gonna go queue up and get some, then sell them the next day on ebay and trademe and make a killing. I don’t want them I think theyre disgusting haha. I will ripping the ganstarrrrrs off haha yussss

  3. says

    Cheers for the shout!! Most people seem to have set buy it nows for 500 usish, although there’s a pair with 42 bids sitting at 795 us, so what does that tell you?
    Guess it depends what size you have to an extent, the black and pink ones are even more in demand, but don’t think little ol’ Auckland will see any. Already fakes on trademe for 220 yesterday, but I asked him if they were fake and he took the auction down. hmmm. I could get into this sneaker detective thing…

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