#520 Sneaker freakers camp out – it’s gonna be one long Nike

Six sneaker freakers brave the cold outside Qubic in hope of purchasing a pair of Kanye West’s much coveted Nike Air Yeezys that go on sale tomorrow night in Newmarket, Auckland. As I reported yesterday, only 30 pairs are coming in, and each of the first 100 in line get a lottery ticket that gives them a chance to buy a pair. That means that despite being there 24 hours in advance, there’s no guarantee that any of those guys will get the shoes! As one of the hopefuls said to me, “well, if I don’t get them, at least I can tell my kids I waited all night and all day for a pair of shoes that never came through”. Now that’s a fan. Once again my main man Simon Hoffman alerted me about the happy campers. Thanks Simon – you’re everywhere at the moment… You’re like the wind.


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  1. says

    I believe there are about 3000 pairs of yeezys in this colorway. There were only 50 Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem Encore edition. Hate to think what happened at the shoe stores then…

  2. says

    Thank you! I have been racking my brain wondering why there were 20 odd boys hanging out on broadway with their puffer jacket + beanie + oversized jeans combos.

  3. says

    Hey Isaac, I just came back from the party too, i was one of the guys in this photo (the guy sitting on the floor) crazy party also got a pair of Air Yeezy’s!. Beanies are cool.

  4. says

    Hey man, congratulations!

    I was real happy that two of you guys got them, I felt bad for that real tall guy that waited with you – he went home empty handed.

    I’m not hating on your beanies don’t worry haha

  5. says


    I felt bad for him too so I gave him my ticket and picked out his size so he can pay for it, now he’s a lucky owner of the “Yezzy”. anywayyysss cool blog I will keep visiting to read the new new.

    peace. James.H

  6. says

    I’m the one in the black vest/grey hoodie. I got a pair. And also some other prizes for being the first to arrive. Stay tuned to misterkaremiks.blogspot.com for the full story coming soon

  7. says

    Congrats man, I gotta ask you though. Do you really think number 1 was the last number he pulled out? I just don’t see it happening eh. The odds are too great!

  8. says

    When he pulled number one out I was like ” YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUSEEEEEE!”, the odds are very low but then again they pulled out number 100 so yeah…:D

  9. Anonymous says

    Wow! Camping out in the freezing cold and waiting in line for some sneakers! I don’t get it! *roll eyes*

    A Colourful Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Penguins

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