#524 It’s my jam by Jordan Rondel – Tokyo Dreaming

I’ve never been to Tokyo but I constantly dream about going there. Everything about it attracts me – the culture, the food, the people, the lights, the cherry blossoms. I plan to move there at some stage, if only for a few months, to sip on jasmin green tea and experience the ebullient city. I know someone who went there to teach English. She got a beautiful apartment to live in, rent free, and got well paid for teaching conversational English to some sweet little Japanese girls. Since it’s unlikely that I will be able to afford staying at the Park Hyatt, that sounds pretty perfect to me. In a city of 13 million people it would be hard to become someone but I rather like the idea of being lost in translation.


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  1. says

    Me too! My best friend lives there so I’m going next month! Thiiiiiis excited. I can’t even begin to imagine how amazing Tokyo will be.

  2. Anonymous says

    ridiculous. stereotypical views of japan. you probably should go there it might shake you out of your silly spoilt dreaming. ps they don’t drink jasmin (sic) green tea

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