#527 Area 51 jumping on the Teed St liner to Newmarket

Image /Candy Whistle

In other retail news, remember how I said that Teed Street was becoming the new High St? I was emailed on Saturday by Sarah from High St/Durham Lane streetwear store Area 51 who told me that they were also opening a new store on Teed St, and according to her, taking the spot right next to Zambesi in the heritage Hayes Foundry building. It’s all happening!

More on all this as the transformation begins.


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  1. says

    Correct Simon.. is ACGDIASOP being ironic as well? If he’s scared of Area 51 he must shit his pants if he ever has to walk into Zambesi or something.

  2. Anonymous says

    Area 51 following the pack? Not unusual. That store just lingers…..as in, to remain feebly alive for some time before dying.

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