#530 What’s in store at WORLD Man

I did something I’ve never done in my whole life today – tried on clothes at a WORLD Man store. You know my tastes, I like my clothes uniform, preppy and neat so I’ve always found WORLD Man’s clashing colours and garish fabric combos crass and off putting. With clothes like this, I guess polarising people is the point – you either love them or you hate them. But as promised yesterday, now that the new store is open (opposite WORLD DELUXE), I thought I’d give it a go. And guess what… I surprised myself and really quite liked a few of the pieces! The bow ties were a no brainer, I loved them from the moment I saw them, and the purple/grey pants were some of the best fitting I’ve tried on in a very long time. Add to that the funny, friendly and tremendously helpful shop staff (WORLD PR Matt Vogts and store boy Steve? Ok so totally not Steve at all, in real life his name is Kido. Don’t know how I got that one so wrong?), and I ended up having a great time in the process. They even served tea!

The exterior, shot from outside WORLD DELUXE

WORLD PR Matt Vogts

Steve? No, KIDO!

The new store is literally no more than ten metres from WORLD DELUXE

This is like a slightly more colourful WORLD Man version of what I wear everyday

Vitra Clocks

Like all the WORLD stores, WORLD Man sells a combination of clothing and limited edition products – cameras, books and all sorts of fun distractibles

All photos taken by Nura Taefi.


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  1. says

    You know, World is actually one of the few NZ design houses whose stuff I actually like. And, I like them simply because they are not afraid of colour. Also, both Denise and Francis seem to be really nice people and not up themselves at all.

    While I have yet to purchase anything from them, I may do so in the future.

  2. Anonymous says

    If bow ties are being worn to signify some sort of bold fashion statement, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to wear actual bow ties rather than the clip on variety? The ‘tie’ part of ‘bow tie’ would suggest this don’t you think?

  3. says

    @ last anon – What do you mean by ‘some sort of bold fashion statement’? I wear bow ties because I think they look great, some of my bow ties are tie your own, some of them are pre-tied, but I can’t quite understand the point you’re making?

  4. Jay says

    Most of the WORLDMAN bow ties are made out of such thick or starched fabrics that it would literally be impossible to tie your own. GO SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS

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