#531 Anouk Rondel, all grown up…

Image /Coup De Main Magazine

It seems like only yesterday Anouk was Jordan’s bratty little sister who stayed out too late on school nights and didn’t listen when I tried to tell her what to do. Now she’s at Law school and doing editorials with boys (more pics below).

Where do the years go? I’m turning 25 tomorrow. Ahhhhh!

Image /Coup De Main Magazine

Image /Coup De Main Magazine

Image /Coup De Main Magazine


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  1. Anonymous says

    Coup De Main…..what a joke! an online “magazine” for kids who were emo’s less then two years ago and now spend all their time drinking out of teapots at cassette. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck off

  2. Murray Bevan says

    Vicki and her team did a pretty good job with this shoot. It’s not Vogue, but it’s refreshing to see young stylists out there doing something creative. I’d always rather see this than read negative anonymous posts from jocks who stay at home slagging everyone else off, believing in their tiny heads that they’re really clever.

  3. Anonymous says

    She looks gorge here, and if it’s a smaller mag, then all the better on her for making a good job of it, and making it look expensive!

  4. Anonymous says

    ANON you make me giggle – I sense some sort of Andrew Tidball like frustration??
    *oops* am I allowed to say that in public? hahaha

  5. Anonymous says

    This is amazing, anouk looks beautiful and I love the soft focus 60’s feel to it. Without being a hater, you do have to admit that Coup De Main has a lot of that Auckland hipster style that Cassette has become a sort of symbol of. But anon, who cares what people were doing 2 years ago? What were you doing? Also could someone please define “Andrew Tidball like frustration”?
    This shoot is great, wish I could say the same for the Bionic Pixie one, I just don’t see what all the fuss is about, musically repetitive and unoriginal, and this also carries into her fashion sense and poses…..

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