#536 NZ’s Next Top Model Recap – Episode 11

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Another week, another episode of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, another young girl’s hopes and dreams shattered on the rocks. This time it was my favourite contestant, Victoria, who got the chop, after failing to impress in the go-sees and the photoshoot. Before we get into it though, this week’s Modelism. There wasn’t anything particularly stupid said in episode 12, but my favourite quote of the week came from Colin:

“As models, 99% of the time wear neutral underwear…unless you’ve got another evening planned.”

Exhausted after their big trip to LA, the girls had surprise go-sees thrust upon them, where, just like real life working models, they had to navigate themselves from client to client in a city they barely knew. Apart from Christobelle of course, who, as an Auckland native (and the richest girl you’ve ever met), had a slight advantage over the competition and managed to make it back to home base just in the nick of time. Sources tell me she had every taxi, bus, helicopter, limousine and Lear Jet in Auckland booked out just in case she needed a ride at any point during the day.

Go-sees are a vital part of every model’s job, it’s their chance to get out among the clients and show them what they could be booking. I was particularly interested to see what the designers had to say about the girls, after all, they’re the ones who’ll be hiring them. We saw Elisabeth and Marissa Findlay from Zambesi, Trelise Cooper, Yvonne Bennetti, Steve Dunstan and Dan Buckley from Huffer and my flatmates Anna Fitzpatrick and Murray Bevan from Showroom 22. Each designer saw a different four out of the five girls left in the competition. Here’s what they all had to say:

On Laura – “Great body, great skin, but not so versatile because of the short haircut,” Marissa Findlay (Zambesi). “I’d definitely book her,” Dan Buckley (Huffer).

On Hosanna – “Too short, might book her for in-house showings,” Trelise Cooper. “Out of all the girls, Hosanna is my pick,” Yvonne Bennetti. “She’s too short, but you can work with that in New Zealand. She’s the type of girl who could fill gaps in a show,” Anna Fitzpatrick told me.

On Christobelle – “She wore too much makeup which made me think that she’s hiding something under there,” Marissa Findlay. “You’re gorgeous,” Trelise Cooper.

On Victoria – “She’s a beautiful girl, but too commercial for Zambesi,” Marissa Findlay. “Trelise Cooper and Zambesi both said no,” Sara Tetro.

On Ruby – “When she first walked in, I don’t think Ruby looked at all like a model. She looked like a teenaged girl going shopping in the weekend wearing red sneakers and an all black outfit. She should definitely be wearing heels,” Anna Fitzpatrick. “Ruby really lets herself down with her walk, it’s too heavy,” Yvonne Benetti.

So, let’s analyse all of that. Of all the girls, Laura seemed to have the highest strike rate. Zambesi were impressed with her height, skin and body, and Huffer said they’d book her on the spot. Anna Fitzpatrick told me that she was her favourite equal of the girls, along with Christobelle. Christobelle made a good impression on Murray Bevan and Anna Fitzpatrick, and according to Sara, Trelise Cooper was impressed with how she picked herself up. Her skin was a problem, and for the second week in a row, a comment was made about the amount of makeup she wore to cover bad skin. Also for the second week in a row, a comment was made about Hosanna being too short. I’m amazed that she is still in the competition – Next LA said they would not book her, which means that Next New York almost definitely wouldn’t either. Why is she still there if not for dramatic purposes? Ruby made an impression on Steve Dunstan of Huffer – he said she’d work really well for them in a show, but Sara said Huffer had told her she was lacking in versatility. Ruby obviously didn’t do well for Showroom 22 or Yvonne Bennetti, but everyone keeps commenting about how good her energy is, so I think it’s about time we decided she’s a TV presenter (and a very good one at that), but not a model. I won’t go into things with Victoria because she’s gone.

I’d love to keep going with all this, but I’m about to get on a plane to go visit my family in Christchurch. I think what the designers all said speaks for itself – Laura seems to be the girl most people will book, followed by Christobelle. They’re the two who’ll be in the final two in the competition. But the proof will be in the NZ Fashion Week pudding – we’ll see which of the girls actually end up working.

See you tomorrow night for the Live Blog!


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  1. James says

    “Sources tell me she had every taxi, bus, helicopter, limousine and Lear Jet in Auckland booked out just in case she needed a ride at any point during the day.” Haha that’s really funny, she’s so sweet! It’s really interesting what the designer said, our first insight into the real NZ fashion world. I’m 99.99% sure it will be a Christobelle/Laura final two, which I’ll be very happy with. I’ll be looking foward to seeing a few of the NZNTM girls at fashion week.

  2. says

    @GTAC – those rumours were flying around for a while about her being picked up by C4 but I haven’t heard anything for a while. Someone said she’s only 6th form at high school so she has to finish school before she goes out into the big bad world. I wonder if any of the girls did correspondence school while they were in the house? Wouldn’t have made for particularly riveting viewing!

    @James – I think so too. There’s no way Hosanna can win, basically everybody who matters has said unequivocally that she’s too short to work. It just grinds my gears that she’s still in the competition regardless! When Sara was saying last week that she’s “bounced back” from all the criticism I couldn’t have disagreed more. How can you “bounce back” from being short???

    See you guys online tomorrow night?

  3. Drew says

    Long time fan (well, several weeks) and first time commenter. I too am saddened (well don’t know if you are saddened or not) by the Saralimination of Victoria. I continue to heart Christobelle though and she seems to be getting the winner’s edit. I’m not feeling the whole ‘Ruby’s destiny is to be a tv presenter’ vibe though…she seems like a fun girl though.

    Must also say that your flatmates didn’t come across very well on the show, I’m sure they’re lovely though.

  4. Anonymous says

    I read that Hosana wins :( which makes me feel like going on strike & not watching the finale next week. Once you think about it though – she’s gotta win cause it’ll be the peak of her career. No one will book her after the show & Sara is already guaranteed to have Laura, Christobelle & Ruby (once she slims down) on her books. If Sara doesn’t take them, then another agency will – it’d be super funny if red eleven tried to snap them up! draaamaaasss

  5. Anonymous says

    Hey did you guys know that America’s next top model cycle 3 winner Eva was only 5 foot 7, so I don’t think Hosanna is gonna get kicked off for her height. Infact I think if she keeps improving she may take this competition out. NZ Herald did a vote before it aired, and Hosanna won hands down and that was by the nz public!

  6. Anonymous says

    Oh Isaac, I heart your one liner there! :)

    In short – the “public” shouldn’t have an opinion on models until they do proper research aka look up an agency & find the standard sizing criteria…& not just that – KNOW YOUR MODEL STANDARDS “it factor” wise.

    -Anne (I really should get a google account…then I could “follow” your blog, you’ve such great style!)

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