#541 Where in the WORLD?

I’ll tell you what, the team behind WORLD can put together a damn good store, and their new Christchurch location is no exception. Situated in the old ANZ Bank Chambers on the corner of Lichfield and High Streets, WORLD has the feel of one of those classic Parisian corner stores; all light pouring in through windows on both street fronts, white washed walls, vintage cabinets and untouched wooden floors. But don’t just visit it for the clothes – in quintessential WORLD style, the store showcases a blend of clothing, books, perfumes, candles, curiosities and taxidermy animals. Company director Francis Hooper has been in town all week setting it up, and they open doors for good on Tuesday next week. As a natural born retailer, he couldn’t resist opening up to let people come through today, and in the ten minutes I was in there, at least 15 people popped their heads in.

Me (in my new Working Style trench coat) and Francis.


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  1. says

    I live on that High Street block and I’ve been so excited with World opening up :)

    I got a great scarf with these cute lightening bolts, skulls and pacman-looking ghosts and a new belt (which is too big so I’m gonna have to cut it down)

    Francis was so friendly and excited about the store opening. Good work World!

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