#543 It’s my jam by Jordan Rondel – Anti-boredom alphabet

Y is for Yoshimoto Nara – Image /Moon Canvas

Whenever I feel a spell of boredom coming on, I try to snap out of it quickly – you know the old saying, ‘only boring people get bored’. Instead of letting boredom get the better of me this morning, I created an alphabet of things I’m loving right now.

Image /Idle Vice

A is for Agnes curran tea and lamingtons

Image /style.com

B is for Balmain

Image /Girl Tears

C is for Cat Power

Image /View Auckland

D is for Dizengoff

E is for Early morning walks

F is for Feather duvets

Image /Clean Food Connection

G is for Green tea

H is for Holding hands

Screengrab /So Much To Tell You

I is for I love we love (now named So Much To Tell You)

Image /Jaimie Boutique

J is for Jaimie boutique on Ponsonby Road for baggy pants, Petit Bateau and Vivian Westwood

Image /Fair Isle

K is for Knitted jumpers

Image /Isaac Likes

L is for Lanvin menswear

Image /Jordan Rondel

M is for Martin Margiela

Image /Stop Smiling

N is for Nigella lawson cooking shows

O is for Organising and writing lists

Image /Wedding Ideas for Kerry

P is for Peonies

Q is for Quantas flight to New York in July

Image /Jordan Rondel

R is for Reading in bed

Image /FemSpot

S is for Sophia Coppola

Image /TSWL

T is for To Sir with Love cashmere

Image /Zimbio

U is for UK Vogue

V is for Visiting new cities

Image /Jordan Rondel

W is for White bedrooms

X is for X (nothing starts with X)

Y is for Yoshimoto Nara

Image /Jordan Rondel

Z is for Zig Zag cushions by Missoni


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  1. Anonymous says

    Whenever I feel a spell of boredom coming on, I check out Isaac Likes (and So Much To Tell You) to see if there are any awesome new posts such as this one! Great list, you’re right, nothing starts with “x”!

  2. says

    This is so nice.. Makes you think of all the the things in life there are to love, instead of complaining and wallowing. I wish I had time to be bored at the moment :( and time to make a list like this – def will in the holidays though!

  3. Charlotte says

    ok, now that i live in the area, i have to check out dizengoff (always was indifferent before), i only heard it was da bomb in the sunday paper today, and now this list solidifies its potential/greatness. great alphabetical list!

  4. says

    awesome post! I have the yoshitomo nara postcard book I got from world ages ago, I love it, his sculpture is so good! did you go to yinka shonibare?
    Anonymity is boring anonymous….

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