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    come celebrate your birthday this friday at mum with the ruby suns and crackhouse 5….sorry….shameless….and on your birthday….sorry :(

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    Happy B Day, Isaac! Jeez! 25, uh? 😉

    I’m trying to remember where I was on my 25th… I think I had been living in Los Angeles already for a few years. Yeah, I had been, now that I think about it some more. I remember I was involved with a woman that was about 13 years older than me at the time. And, she used to just fuck me silly! LOL! Ahh, Yeah! Cougars! Good times, man! 😀

    Anyway, even though we grew apart, and I got married to someome else, she and I are still good friends and I call her from time to time. So, it’s all good in the end. :)

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    Ruben: Thanks man! That’s what I’m hoping for anyway haha.

    Patty: That’s the best birthday gift anyone could have given me. Yes Yes YES YES YESSSS! VICTORY!!!!!

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