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Everybody’s favourite ‘reality’ TV show New Zealand’s Next Top Model might be wrapped (as I announced yesterday, the winner was notified on Saturday night and as far as I’m aware filming finished on Sunday), but now it’s ready for the budding models to launch their careers in the real world. So I did a little digging to see which agencies the ready-to-work girls have landed at. The results, as most of you can imagine, aren’t all that surprising, but it’s good to have some concrete facts in place (below).

First things first, the final three: Christobelle, Laura and Hosanna. We don’t know yet who won the show – though Laura was snapped out being shot at the Langham Hotel yesterday – but insider sources tell me that all three girls will be represented by Sara Tetro’s agency 62 Models. None of the girls will appear on the board until the show has finished playing. Christobelle is an Auckland native and at high school here, but Laura and Hosanna, from Wellington and Gisborne respectively, will be relocating to Auckland permanently in the next few weeks. It’ll be fascinating to see how they all do. Most of the photographers and stylists who worked with Christobelle said they’d definitely work with her again – including Karen Inderbitzen Waller – so can we expect to see her grace the pages of NO. in the next issue? Laura has the height, body and face to work so she shouldn’t have too much trouble landing some jobs, and maybe, just maybe Hosanna will hit the ground running.

Fourth place getter Ruby will also be jumping on the 62 books. According to a public message on a certain social networking site, Ruby had a meeting with Sara Tetro in the last few days and my source has confirmed that she will be placed with 62. No doubt the Hastings teen will be go straight onto Tetro’s management books and we’ll see her presenting on TV sometime very soon.

I announced yesterday that Victoria has also been placed with 62, and has already done one job that I know of, a collection video for an Auckland based streetwear label.

Dunedinite Lucy is also in talks with 62, but according to my source nothing is set in stone at this point.

And finally, as we already know, Rebecca Rose is with August, Teryl Leigh is with Clyne and Ajoh is with Visage. I’d assume they’ve been contractually stopped from working until the show is over, but after Friday the floodgates will be flung open wide…

Who’s going to do best?


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  1. Anonymous says

    And nothing for Tiffany, Sarah, Olivia and Rhiannon that you haven’t heard of? I think Tiffany has potential.

  2. says

    You know, I have to say that Sara Tetro being one of the judges of NZNTM, and then snapping up the top contenders for her own agency, just reeks of “conflict of interests” to me. And, I have noticed a lot of this around Auckland: We have PR agent(s) working for the NZ Herald, and various fashion related publications, that routinely write nothing more than press releases, passed of as journalism, about their own clients in these.

    It’s not a far stretch to imagine that Sara would have only voted for young women that she thought she could “sell”, and, therefore, make money off of. So, she would definitely have had a vested interest in the outcome of NZNTM.

  3. allie says

    i think ruby will be the most successful. although for tv presenting, not modeling. she already has a massive fan base so should do great on c4 or something.

  4. MyCool says

    I think they should get a new host next year. Charlotte Dawson was meant to host this year but pulled out, maybe we could beg her!
    I agree it is a big conflict of interest. Public vote should also come into it at some stage I think.
    The show needs to be transparent and fair, not something rigged from the outset.

  5. says

    Hey guys I think we need to put one thing into perspective here – we want whoever wins/comes in the final few on the show to actually work as models in the real world, otherwise the entire show wouldn’t have much credibility would it?

    Therefore if Sara Tetro was voting for girls based on how well they would work, then I’d say she would be the most credible judge of the lot. Who else knows as well as an agency owner which types of girls will work and which won’t?

  6. Anonymous says

    colorfulguy, i don’t understand your comment, all NTM shows are assoc with an agency, Ausntm with priscills (she is also a judge)
    62 puts all the work and development into the show, ofcourse they should get first pick of the girls, do you think there should be a public auction of the girls at the end of the show where they are auctioned off to the highest bidder??

  7. Anonymous says

    colorful guy, you also wrote

    “It’s not a far stretch to imagine that Sara would have only voted for young women that she thought she could “sell”, and, therefore, make money off of.”

    And??? your problem is what?
    Agencies are businesses, they want to make money, should she choose someone who will not make money?

  8. allie says

    i totally disagree that the public should get a vote. for one, the show isn’t live. and two, the public usually only like the people with the best personalities, not the ones who will actually be good models.

  9. says

    To B – I haven’t published your comment because I fear that doing so may be defamatory. And if it’s not defamatory, it’s not the type of thing I really want to discuss on here – this is about the models and their potential rather than their personal lives.

    Keep it business people!

  10. says

    Zoe, I wasn’t talking about you. (Hello, by the way. We’ve seen each other around. However, you’ve always looked rather shy so I haven’t introduced myself to you. *wink*) I was talking about “gossip columnist” Glucina. In case you didn’t know, she does run a PR agency. As for who else that works at the Herald, that might also be running a agency as a sideline, I don’t know for sure. However, I suspect there’s at least one other.

  11. says

    @anon 8:41am: Association with and development of the show are one thing. However, being involved in the actual judging of it is another thing altogether.

    Now, maybe it’s just me. But, had I been involved in the development of the show, I would not have placed myself in it as a judge. And, I don’t know whose call that was, but I regard it as a bad one; simply because it does leave Sara open to criticism about conflict of interest and potentially biased judging. (i.e. She could potentially only vote for girls that she knows she can get work for and not necessarily ones that would make the best models. And, there is a difference between the two criteria.) Had her agency just chose to offer a contract to the winner, and Sara not been a judge herself, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  12. says

    Aych, yes; I agree that it why the blogosphere is becoming much more popular. If so called professional fashion journalists are letting us down then we’ll just do it ourselves. And, from the looks of it, it seems that the blogosphere is doing a much better job of reporting this stuff anyway. 😉

    By the way, I must say that you’re very cute. And, no, I’m not flirting with you. :)

  13. Anonymous says

    “She could potentially only vote for girls that she knows she can get work for and not necessarily ones that would make the best models. And, there is a difference between the two criteria.”

    Thanks for the info!

  14. Anonymous says

    Who is A Colourful Guy? He is that seedy bloke who has been banned from Kelly Tarltons because he keeps touching the penguins in funny places.

  15. Anonymous says

    Issac it’s time you ditched colourful guy.. seriously he is nothing but negative, totally unsupportive and just plain attention seeking.. am i alone.. don’t think so.. issac he’s bringing down your blog and i for i for 1 will prob not come back after reading his comments again and again. if it’s controversy he wants get him to do it on his own blog.. oh wait no one looks at that.
    anyone else agree?

  16. Anonymous says

    “She could potentially only vote for girls that she knows she can get work for and not necessarily ones that would make the best models. And, there is a difference between the two criteria.”

    Colorful guy, what is this difference?
    I would (apparently naively…) presume that the best models generally get the most work.

  17. says

    Hi anon 2:16,

    Just to expand on this, a bit, and probably piss a lot of people off in the process: Let’s say Girl A poses extremely well, photographs extremely well, walks excellent, moves excellent etc., etc.. And, let’s say Girl B doesn’t do these things as well as Girl A, but she has the “look” that sells here in New Zealand. Now, in theory, at least, Girl A would be the better model. But, in reality, Girl B will probably get more work because she has the “look” that sells.

    To expand a bit on the “look”, and this is the part that is going to, most likely, cause an uproar: The look will be Northwestern European, and on the odd occasion, Maori. I haven’t noticed Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Pacific Island models getting a lot of work in New Zealand. And, these people here definitely out there, because I’ve talked to them about this very issue and they all say the same thing about it. And, before I get accused of being racist, I will say that anybody that knows me personally knows for a fact that I’m not.

  18. Anonymous says

    I have to agree with colourful penguin guy to some extent about the conflict of interest, though for different slightly reasons.

    62 models, Sara’s company, appears to have had first pick of the top contentests. 62 models is a company with existing clients and, probably, areas it is seeking to break into or expand within. Models that fit those criteria might be getting preferential ratings if Sara is a judge.

    Obviously there are other judges and 62 models doesn’t run the show per se, but even a slight bias on one judge’s part can invalidate a result – this is not supposed to be 62 Model’s Next Top Model after all – and a judge who is not just a one off and is present throughout all the episodes, well, legitimate criticisms of the unbiased nature of the process can be raised.

    On the other hand – it’s a reality TV show. What where you expecting? Reality?

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