#566 A Colourful Guy Drowning in a Sea of Penguins REVEALED

Image /The A List

We’ve all been wondering for quite some time now who ACGDIASOP is, and I can tell you with some degree of certainty that this is the man himself. Here are the proofs: first off, his name is ‘A Colourful Guy’ – look at his colourful outfit (it’s like when you know a guy wearing sneakers is ‘sneaky’). Second and possibly more conclusively, this photo was taken at the FINZ drinks last week. In this blog post from Thursday 4 June he stated “I had a good time and made a grand entrance with two tall, beautiful Sudanese models on my arms. LOL :)”. This photo clearly shows a ‘Colourful Guy’ making a grand entrance with two tall, beautiful Sudanese models on his arms. Proof number three, he certainly seems to be Laughing Out Loud in this photo. His name is Bill Gray and I know absolutely nothing else about him.

Case closed. LOL.


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  1. Lucy says

    Isaac, I’m changing your name to Nancy Drew.. Great detective work. I wonder if he will comment now his identity has been revealed! Watch this space!

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey dude are you sure? because there was another photo from that party, where a different guy is flanked by those two models. it would make sense however with the colourful thing not just on the clothing level, but on the skin colour level – ‘coloured origin’ (not being at all racist or offensive)

  3. says

    @Lucy – Frank Hardy!

    @second to last Anon – have you got a link to the other photo? I’m fairly sure this is the guy, but could be wrong.

    @last Anon – ah ah ah.

    Anybody else notice a conspicuous lack of comments here from our mate?

  4. Anonymous says

    hahaha this is brilliant dude, he has effed himself up now, no longer can he speak his mind, and now he can be linked to all the crap he has said before. Well played.

  5. Anonymous says

    A quick “comment” count found that there were 8 comments left thus far on Penguin Mans blog. On top of this, half of the total comments left (meaning 4) were that of his own. Time to give up blogging Sinbad?

  6. Anonymous says

    “@last Anon – ah ah ah.”

    Aw, come on Isaac, the guy practically called Karen Indebitzen a child pornographer, and you let him get away with it… but you wag your finger if I suggest his fashion sense is a little outdated? Not even in the same league.

  7. Anonymous says

    Can someone please explain the whole situation with a colourful guy, I feel like I’ve missed something.

  8. says

    @anon 7:20: While I’m sure you’d like me to just disappear, that’s unlikely to happen any time soon. With a blog that just started two weeks ago, one can hardly expect it to be widely commented upon, just yet.

    @anon 4:59: That picture is actually quite bad. So, I’d hardly use to judge someone else’s style. However, that evening I was dressed, head to toe, in current season Kenzo direct from Paris. Had I been dressed in all black, I’m sure you would have loved it, though. I, however, would have wanted to go out and shoot myself if I did so. 😉

  9. Anonymous says

    this is all so hilarious,
    those who throw stones should be prepared to move out their glasshouses if they don’t want them thrown back.
    anons @ 7:20 and 11:13 are bloody funny
    i think the colourful guy has finally drowned in those penquins
    wah wah wah

  10. Anonymous says

    You are showing more than just ‘guts’ wearing that brown and yellow number…..what are you, a bumble bee?


    A Minimalist Guy Drowning In A Sea Of Clownfish.

  11. Anonymous says

    I like how he says the photo was a ‘PR stunt’ to get into the social pages and on the A list site.
    Raise the bar!

  12. Anonymous says

    who ACTUALLY wants to get into those pages? and i’m pretty sure you don’t need a “PR stunt” to do so.

  13. Anonymous says

    Commenting on A Colourful Guy’s site is nowhere near as democratic as Isaac’s BTW. If you make a point he doesn’t like (eg. ‘Why would you ask for people’s opinions, but then dismiss those opinions because they’re not from someone you “know and trust”?’) he will just not bother to publish them.

  14. Anonymous says

    I think he brings a good balance to the comments on this blog, not everyone appreciates pre-pubescent looking girls selling lingerie, and the insinuations made in those pics was heading that way… in everyone’s hurry to ‘know about fashion’ ‘be a fashionista’ etc etc people can become lemmings, I, like Bill did not like those pics! But I do like Issac’s blog very much.

  15. says

    I’m a big boy so I can take the criticism. However, keep in mind that most of it just goes in my mental waste basket. So, if you all want to waste your time attacking me personally, go for it. As they say in the PR game: All publicity is good publicity. So, with every comment you make about me, good or bad, it just raises my profile. And, that benefits me a lot more than it benefits you. 😉

    Now, for that person that claims my site is not democratic: I don’t know what you expect when you start attacking my character by telling me I think I’m “superior”. I don’t care if you don’t like my style or my views on fashion. But, when you start making it personal and attacking my character… No! I’m not going to publish that! If you want take part in a personal attack site, then I’d suggest you start your own and have at it. That kind of stuff isn’t going to happen on my site. Now, if that makes me an autocrat in your eyes, then so be it. It’s my site and I’ll run it as I see fit. 😛

    LOL :)

  16. Anonymous says

    to “anon 8:21”
    get off your high horse, this guy is no one to be taken seriously if we are commenting on fashion (and by the way you are on a fashion site remember) you and him can both have your own opinions but do the rest of us really care? do you also dress like a bumble bee?

  17. Anonymous says

    @Colourful Guy re 11.54pm

    You asked for reasons Kiwis wear black, I gave you lots, you dismissed them and told me to go elsewhere if I didn’t like it.

    So I said okay, I prefer blogs where discourse is welcomed, rather than ones where the blogger just wants to assert the superiority of their opinion.

    You might be colourful when it comes to clothes, but you sure seem pretty black and white about points of view.

  18. says

    @anon 7:27: You’re a lair. I didn’t dismiss the reasons you gave. I did, however, critique them. Obviously, you didn’t like that. And, you made it clear that you didn’t by turning the decision to my character, just like you are now. If you had any training in formal debate technique you would know that attacking your opponents character is an automatic default.

    If you can’t withstand a critique and peer review of what’s being presented, then I’d suggest you never go into fashion, particularly in the international arena. They will tear you to shreds!

  19. Anonymous says

    To Anon 6.08

    Um.. this is Issac’s blog, not yours, there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’, this is not high school, I like Issac’s blog, but I think with this post he is letting himself down, because it is taking the piss out of someone without their permission. Its petty. Anon 6.08, You don’t speak for Issac, so saying “do the rest of us really care” is actually very silly as its not UP to you.
    Are you so FASHION BACKWARDS and so stupid that you think wearing bright yellow is an instant fashion faxu pas? Oh dear!
    You are a bit pathetic, I bet you wish I did wear loud yellow suits so you could judge me, well actually, I don’t know penguin guy at all, I do think that suit is LOUD and not my cup of tea, but I also think he looks very happy in that picture, and a smile is more important than designer threads. I am also a female btw. Oh and if I had of realised some of Issac’s commenters were so juvenile and petty I wouldn’t have bothered posting.

    And no, I won;t get off my high horse, as taking the moral high ground affords me a nice view :)

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