#575 Shot of the day – Comme collaborations

Image /Mikhail Gherman

I had breakfast with Karen Walker and Mikhail Gherman a few weeks ago. Over tomatoes on toast and cups of tea we discussed everything from politics to travel, and Mikhail made the ambitious promise of sending me one shot of the day everyday that they were in Tokyo. Well they’re there right now, and the first shot has just come in.

From Mikhail:

“The old Dover Street Market site has just this week been re-invented as a collaborative store between Comme des Garcons and Nippon Vogue. They merchandise based on what’s in Vogue each month and the store wil be open for 6 months. This month heavy with Chanel, Takashi Murakami (giant, fluffy toy daisies filling the entire top floor), Undercover and of course Comme. Next month featuring an area of Karen Walker. Koto dori, aoyama.”


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