#576 Alexa Chung’s Super Duper Kiwi connection – From MAX

Here’s an excerpt from my lastest weekly MAX blog:

It’s not just MAX who’s been getting all the international spotlight of late, our girl Karen Walker has been clocking up some column inches too. Most recently it’s been coming off the bat of British model/TV presenter/my latest obsession Alexa Chung wearing her Super Duper glasses. Like all the time. So, thanks to the girls over at Karen Walker, I’ve assembled a little selection of Chung snapped in everyday situations – you know, sitting front row at Louis Vuitton, being shot by The Sartorialist, cruising down the street in New York – for your (and my) viewing pleasure.

Read the rest here.


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  1. says

    i stood in front of her hotel in N.Y when she got out of her car-So wanted to go talk to her. But unfortunately I momentarily forgot her name-all I had flashing in my head was ‘Daisy Lowe’-Damn it-wrong half asian model!!! I regret that moment to this day….

  2. Charlotte says

    oh i love alexa, i only watch that gok show for her, haha! we are severely lacking alexa air time in nz, we need more.

  3. jason says

    i been occasionally read your blog,issac. but everytime i read it, i found something in common!
    Alexa Chung..
    Lanvin as my favourite lable atm…
    and so many more
    Hope u have fun in fashion weeks
    and get shot by the satorialist
    Jason(from stephen marr newmarket if u don’t know which jason this is. haha) x

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