#577 Best present EVER!

As you know, I’m off to Europe next Saturday to cover the Milan and Paris menswear, Berlin men’s and women’s and Paris Haute Couture shows. Alongside my traditional daily accounts (like I did for RAFW), I’m going to be Tweeting like a madman – that means real time pics, video and quotes from the shows. The only problem is, for the past two years I’ve been rocking a basic Nokia handset – this thing is so old that you’d be amazed it could even send texts, let alone take a picture or send an email. I’ve been a loyal Telecom customer for the past eight years but Vodafone has always had way better phones – they’ve got the iPhone, they’ve had Blackberry for years – and Telecom has been sorely lacking on the technology front. Not anymore.

Thank God for XT.

I was talking with my former employee/current mentor Paul Blomfield a while ago about how I could hopefully get in on the XT action. I figured that I could showcase the new technology by using it on my European Fashion Week tour – a mutually beneficial arrangement. So Paul and I put together a pitch, sent it through, and just this morning I received the most beautiful gift a guy like me could ever get.

A brand new Blackberry Bold 9000. Hot diggity it is sweet. Oh God it is sweet. Alongside the obvious – internet and emails – it can take pictures and video and I can upload them live to Twitter and my blog. Everything I need.

Thanks Telecom!


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  1. says

    CATS tickets were fully the best BIRTHDAY present ever.

    This is the best NON-Birthday present ever.

    Did I not make that distinction clearly enough?

    Sorry son.

  2. says

    You’re right, it is. But I can hardly lift it up – my arms are still so sore. So you win this round.

    To everyone else – I went to the gym at 6:10am with Richard on Tuesday for a pump class, and I can still barely walk my body is still so ridiculously sore.

  3. Anonymous says

    Oh stink! Sorry to hear that…. you two made a cute couple! Look out Paris A or maybe Berlin amazing place you will love it!


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