#579 New Zealand’s Next Top Model LOVES ME!

Image /Andy Pickering

It’s Friday and I’m sure a lot of you are feeling at a loss like me. What on earth are we going to do tonight? Top Model’s done and dusted and the new show Stylista isn’t going to take its place. This cloud does have a little silver lining though – the above picture just came through from my friend Andy Pickering at Pilot Magazine. What can I say? I’m super chuffed.

Thanks Andy and thanks Christobelle!


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  1. MyCool says

    Love it! Oh still doesn’t compensate for my lonely Friday nights though! So it definitely wasn’t THE Christobelle on the live blog last Friday?

  2. MyCool says

    Stink! You should get in touch with Ruby to do one of those! Haha. And a “Ruby loves MyCool” one!

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