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I’m two days out from leaving Auckland, still haven’t thought about packing. Four days out from my sister’s wedding – that I’m MCing – still haven’t decided on an outfit or written my speech. Five days out from leaving the country for what will be my first ever international Fashion Week circuit, it’s going to be full blown summer, and all I can think to wear is my new CATS tee shirt. I probably should be a little stressed.

No time for that, I just got some great news!

On a whim, I sent an email to the Online Editor of the New Zealand Herald early last week telling him about my trip to Milan, Paris, Berlin and Paris and asking if he’d be interested in using any of my content while I was away. I didn’t expect much – my experience with traditional media has been that they’re not that into the whole blogging thing, and I don’t generally pitch to write short, sharp, newsy pieces or show reviews because they’re not what excite me so much.

But much to my surprise and delight, I got a call from Eveline Jenkin, Online Lifestyle and Travel Editor of the NZ Herald, who asked me to come in for a meeting with her and the big boss Jeremy at 11am on Friday. In the lift going up to the meeting, Eveline told me that she often reads my blog (yes!) and that she’d liked the article I’d written for VIVA after Paris Fashion Week in January (yes yes!).

The meeting went well, we discussed all sorts of things from writing to photos to video, they promised to email or call me later that day to confirm, and I walked out thinking it was a pretty done deal. As you might remember, Friday was the day I got my Blackberry. In the changeover process from crappy Nokia to awesome Blackberry, I lost the ability to receive calls for one day. So I was like one of those guys waiting for a girl to call – checking my voice mail every 30 seconds, constantly clicking refresh on my email inbox… nothing. I called my parents and worried that I’d said something to put them off, if only I’d talked about this more, or that less, or been more professional…

End of day Friday rolled around and still nothing. ‘Ahhh well,’ I thought to myself, ‘it was a good idea, but things don’t always work out. Maybe next time.’

I worried too soon.

This morning at 8:19am, the best email ever popped into my inbox:

“Hi Isaac,

First of all, huge apologies for not getting back to you on Friday, I didn’t hear from Jeremy until after work and then, I must admit, it completely slipped my mind to email you over the weekend. So I apologise for any stress caused, I realise this is your livelihood!

The good news is that we would love to syndicate your posts from the various European fashion shows.”

Eveline Jenkin, I think I love you.

So as of Sunday the 21st, all my daily recaps and anecdotes from the European shows will be available right here and on the NZ Herald website.

Thanks Eveline, thanks Jeremy, thanks NZ HERALD!

p.s. If you want real time coverage – pics, video, commentary from the shows, make sure to add me on Twitter!


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