#587 Sweater Quest Part 2 – Kate Sylvester

The Sweater Quest continues! Only this time, I didn’t even need to leave the house (or so I thought). Yesterday afternoon I got an email from the lovely Monique at Kate Sylvester, who said that there was a parcel for me at the store. I called my flatmate and asked him to pick it up, he said he would, but arrived home empty handed. He’d forgotten. So this morning I took myself down to the Kate Sylvester store on High Street to pick it up. I couldn’t wait to get home to see what I’d gotten so I ripped the package open then and there. Inside was the perfect gift – a V Neck sweater. Newsreader (and serious hottie) Samantha Hayes happened to be in there at the same time as me and she loved it too – so you know it’s good.

I took some shots when I got home…

The sweater has the appearance of being grey marle but it’s actually very fine black and white woollen thread knitted together. The closest thing I can think of likening it to is black and white static on an old TV.

The embroidery is a black swan with a tiny indigo crown on its wing – I love the little details that you’d only know about if you looked up close.

As you can see it fits in perfectly with my daily outfit, so I think I might have to retire my grey marle Comme Play sweater that’s been all out of shape since I washed it last. And since the wool is so fine I think it might be the ideal weight for warm evenings in Europe to come.

Thank you so much Kate Sylvester!


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  1. says

    Ohh my goodness that is an amazing sweater. And you got a present from the godess (Kate). How can you not be like screaming with joy right now? To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if you were.. Any fashion respecting person would!

  2. Anonymous says

    you know, looking at how smart you look here it makes me wonder how some guys get it so wrong! I mean for guys- a cool sweater, shirt, trousers and shoes and you’re set, right? I love fashion but sometimes I get totally overwhelmed with all the choices we girls have… Perhaps you could think about doing a post on what you consider to be an equivalently simple-yet-chic garde-robe for girls?

  3. Anonymous says

    looking good Isaac.Also since i’ve posted 2 days ago on the “lip my stocking” blog,i’ve realised that Lost in Translation would be an exellent movie for me to use for my dissertation on the paper “Seeing sex”.The starting point being that the stocking would be the boundary between the classical and grotesque.Thanks for jogging my thinking process Isaac.btw,what do you suggest I wear to court on thursday to defend myself?

  4. Anonymous says

    do we really need to see everything youve managed to score for free in exchange for a mention on your blog?

  5. allie says

    i think i just figured out what to get the bf for his bithday!!

    i really love this sweater. and i also love following your quest for perfection. more than anything, i love kate sylvester. she is by far the best new zealand designer in my opinion. large amounts of my pay get eaten up by her wellington store but so worth it!!

  6. Anonymous says

    @anon- I think it’s commendable that isaac chose to share the details of the mutual respect he shares with these designers.In fact I was just about to comment on the fact that what makes his blogs different from many others is that he choses to present a transparent version of the give and take that exists between the media/writers/endorsements deals etc.
    He presents a version of the fashion industry that’s quite egalitarian.and that’s always fantastic.

  7. Ella says

    I’ve checked out this bad boy and never clicked that it had black in it!!!
    I love the static tv comparison.
    I think you should start designing Isaac,
    You have AMAZING style and such and eye for orginality

  8. says

    Ok thanks for all the comments today everybody, I’ve been flat out helping my sister with wedding preparation stuff today.

    First of all: to anon @8:40am – I think fashion for boys is a huge amount simpler than for girls, I’ll look into doing a post for girls when I get back home.

    anon @11:31am – are you a guy or a girl? And what was your crime? I hope nothing violent. If you’re a guy I would suggest a black, navy or charcoal plain woollen suit (not pinstripe) with a white shirt and navy tie. Keep it as simple as possible, nothing too ostentatious otherwise you’ll come off looking arrogant or smug and the jury/judge won’t be able to relate to you/won’t like you.

    anon @1:14pm – I wouldn’t have blogged about the sweater if I didn’t truly love it. But I do try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to things like gifts. I would never say I liked something if I didn’t though.

    @Allie – thanks very much, I’m sure your boyfriend will be as happy as I am haha, and we need more people to get excited by and spend more money with our local designers to keep them going during this recession!

    anon @1:39pm thank you for defending my honour, I appreciate it xx

    @Mace – I used to sell it or put it in recycling bins but now I’m all about keeping it forever because I want to be able to look back in like 20 years and still have the stuff I thought was cool now.

    @Ella – I used to design two labels, one was called Misfit and the other was called Two White Buddies. If I’d had any real talent I would have kept at it, but it just wasn’t my calling. But thank you very much anyway!

  9. Anonymous says

    I’m defending myself against defamation,to clarify,i’m the victim here.Nothing violent,no.However,because of the convoluted nature of the case,there’s a criminal as well as civil aspect to it.argh.waste of time and money.has made me realise just how out of whack the justice system is.Man hours of judges,innocent citizens(such as myself) and cops that could be doing something more usefull with our time.such as reading fashion blogs :)
    yes i’m a girl,so yeah suggestions on what to wear pls.
    hope u have fun at the wedding

  10. says

    Sounds utterly intriguing. I love a good defamation case! There are a few lawyers who read this blog (I’m talking about you, Mace!) so if you need any advice, I’m sure someone can help.

    In terms of what a girl should wear to court, I would say dress smartly but conservatively. A skirt, tights, heels (but not too high, or too sexy), a shirt and blazer or knitwear. Keep colours somber and dark.

    That’d be my pick.

    Anybody else?

  11. Mace says

    Agreed re court wear. The guidelines for lawyers say:

    “Wear appropriate attire. This should be reasonably formal. For men this will be a dark coloured suit with a collared shirt and tie, and for women attire of an equivalent standard.”

  12. says

    Thanks Isaac and Mace for choise of clothing.
    Isaac,thanks for the offer of support on finding a lawyer.I’ve got two at the moment.I’m really sad at the amount it’s costing me,I keep making these tabulations in my head of the clothes I’d rather buy with that money.But hey,money spent on a lawyer to clear my name is money well spent right?I’ll have a few more outings to the court over the coming months,so shall go with your suggestions. Btw ,the courts are a dreary place,so I usually wander into high street/vulcan lane to cheer myself up after the proceedings,as its right around the corner.

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