#590 Ties ties ties… What to wear to the wedding?

I couldn’t quite decide what to wear to my sister’s wedding (which, if I haven’t already mentioned, I’m MCing) so I brought a few options with me to Christchurch. My mum kindly snapped away patiently through multiple tie changes, but the black suit and cream shirt (both by Crane Brothers) stay the same throughout. All feedback is good feedback so comment away! I’ll tell you which one is my favourite though if you read on.

Spoiler: it’s not the one above.

I bought this Costume National spotted tie to wear for my best friend’s wedding last year, I was the best man. It served me well at the time, but I think I can do better…

This tiny bow tie is awesome, and it was my Mum’s favourite of all the options. Jordan gave it to me for Christmas last year, she got it at a second hand store in Paris. I think it’s cool and quirky and fun but a bit too informal for a wedding. I could be wrong though.

I bought this 100% silk knitted tie at J Crew’s Soho store in New York last year. Sometimes I go 10 days at a time where I’ll wear it everyday. I love it, but I don’t think it’s right for this occasion. A quick jaunt around the harbour, yes. A wedding, no.

This is my second favourite bow tie (after the little one above), but it has a special place in my heart because it’s the one I learnt how to tie a bow tie on. I like the pattern, but I think it’s a bit more collegiate than wedding. Weddings are a special occasion. They require a special tie.

Which leads me to the newest addition to my neckwear wardrobe. My friend Rufus from Little Brother Richmond Road called me up on Sunday to tell me he had a shipment of Costume National ties in, that they were cheap, and amazing. I drove down straight away and the moment I saw this one wedding bells started ringing. So this is my first choice for the big day. The silver/gold streaks are just so damn festive.

My mum expressly forbade me from wearing a sweater to the wedding.

And these, just in case you were wondering, are my trusty black leather shoes. I bought them second hand in Toronto three years ago, they were $45, and get this: they’re 100% Kangaroo leather!


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  1. Anonymous says

    I agree the silver/gold streaked tie is awesome! Yay christchurch, your old stomping pad :)

    Miss Pink

  2. says

    Hello all, thanks for your comments.

    I should probably have mentioned that the wedding is pretty formal, it’s being held in this old castle on top of the Port Hills here in Christchurch. All the men in the wedding party are wearing black tie – tuxedos/black bow ties and Andrew the groom is wearing white tie – black tuxedo/white bow tie.

    But it’s interesting that people are leaning towards the small bow tie. I’m still with Miss Pink though at this stage! (Hi Genaea xx)

  3. Mace says

    I’m gonna go out dancin’ every night
    I’m gonna see all the city lights
    I’ll do everything SILVER AND GOLD
    I got to hurry up before I grow too old

    I’m gonna take a trip around the world
    I’m gonna kiss all the pretty girls
    I’ll do everything SILVER AND GOLD
    And I got to hurry up before I grow too old

  4. says

    anon @10:22am – sadly I don’t have a skinny knitted black tie, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks Allie!

    anon @10:38am – I’m hatching a plan.

    Mace – I love it when you sing to me.

  5. Anonymous says

    stick to the lil bow tie thru out! you look adorable! 😉 but your shoes look like they need some polishing…

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