#628 Last Tango in Paris

Bonjourrrrr! I’ve always loved that feeling when you’re so utterly exhausted that you feel like you’re floating around on a surreal cloud all day long. That was me yesterday. Two back-to-back Fashion Weeks, jetlag and almost no sleep caught up with me and I wandered from place to place in the 40 degree plus heat with a big stupid smile on my face. First stop was breakfast with Dayne and Zippora at our local, then a walk through the streets with the Zipster, then fruit in the park with our favourite Canadian Megan, then a little lie down at the hotel, then a late afternoon gelato, shopping mission and giant lemon meringue pie with Dayne and Young ZeeZee in the afternoon, then moving all my stuff to my friend Tessa’s loft apartment in Montparnasse, then pizza, then a taxi ride to Oberkampf at 9:45pm to have dinner at Ave Maria with Dayne, Zippora, Megan, Jasper and his girlfriend Dempsey, then a late night stroll to Le Marais and La Perle, then a big walk to Zippora’s hotel to drop her off – which I thought was close to Montparnasse, I was so wrong – then a really really long and expensive taxi ride back home to Tessa’s, then emails and bed.

I took photos all throughout the day and night (below)). Paris has been kind to me. How will Berlin match up?

A tourist moment.

Fruit in the park.

Canada’s answer to Penny Pickard.

The remains of our Lemon Meringue Pie.


Pan-world fusion food at Ave Maria – a little mix of Mexican, Afghanistanian, Korean and Mediterranean.

Two white buddies.

Keeping the peace.

I was eating pizza with Tessa and her brother and they told me that I could put my Pop Swatch on my tee shirt. I’ve owned it for two years and never known about it!

Ooo la laaaa

When in Paris…



All my friends.

Strolling with the homies.

Hey hey hey!



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