#654 Stella Maxwell crowned McQueen (of the lookbook)

All images /Alexander McQueen A/W 2009

I blogged about NZ model Stella Maxwell scoring the Alexander McQueen lookbook months and months ago, and just yesterday when I flew into Singapore an email popped up from her mother agency AliMcD with all the images. I met Stella in Paris – where she was living with a hip hop dancing Canadian ginger model named Alise – I’m not sure how much we can claim her as a New Zealander – she speaks with a pretty strong English accent (though someone mentioned something about her coming from Northern Ireland?) but apparently she lived in Dunedin for a few years during high school. Word on the street is that she’ll be coming to Auckland with Red11 to work for the first time in about two weeks, so no doubt we’ll be seeing her in all the local editorial and campaigns pretty soon.

Until then you’ll have to content yourself with all the McQueen images… below.


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  1. Anonymous says

    She went to high school in Welly not Dunedin, but had her first year of Uni at Otago before being discovered and whisked overseas.

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