#665 Hedi Slimane shoots Prada Take 2

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I am, like just about everybody else in this world, a pretty massive Hedi Slimane fan. I loved what he did at Dior Homme (especially this season, but especially this season) and mourned the fashion world’s loss when he departed the company. Then I started getting into his photography, and got pretty obsessed with the way he manages to get everything right – the model, the colours, the composition, the moment – without ever looking like any effort was put in.

But late last year after Randy Johnston’s tragic death – due to an accidental heroin overdose – I began to have some mixed feelings (Slimane gave Johnston his first big break in the fashion world). I blogged about how Slimane had glamourised that whole Pete Doherty lifestyle by photographing him and choosing him as muse for, what was coincidentally, my favourite collection he designed at Dior Homme. I never quite know how to reconcile this conundrum – I love the man’s work, but the natural prude in me (I absolutely hated Bruno) is totally against anything that makes drug users look cool. The moral of the story is I still don’t know what to think.

Anyway, Prada’s second campaign shot by Hedi Slimane has just come out. Is it just me, or do the pictures look like a too-polished/photoshopped version of Slimane’s work for everybody’s liking? I loved his last Prada campaign which featured the sons of Paul Simonon from The Clash, but I just don’t get this one – the casting, the composition, the eyewear shots?? Of all the images, the one above is my favourite, but overall I’m a bit confused by the whole lot. Maybe it’s one of those things that I’m not ready for yet but I’ll look back in a year and think ‘hmm, na that was actually really cool, I just didn’t get it at the time’. Thoughts please!


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  1. Anonymous says

    i think its beautiful…hes really reflecting the style he is developing through his online diary and how he likes to shoot male models (although im not fussed on the casting, he usually finds better)…but its instantly recognisable as hedi slimane, i find it refreshing and more real compared to toher campaigns

  2. Anonymous says

    its definately the model, he just looks so bored…imagine if this was done exactly the same but with animation or a bit of quirkyness in his face…truly refeshing then!

  3. Leonie says

    Find someone else’s work to love Isaac. Drugs kill people and make others grieve. Nothing, NOTHING is worth that. I never understand how some people can have such a blatant disregard for life. They must be either ignorant or ignorant!!! I suppose if your in a drawer in the morgue, then you really are ‘too cool to move’.

  4. says

    Firstly: Good work on the thoughtful post isaac! The way the fashion industry glamorizes certain things can really distort your own values, opinions etc. Its good to take a moment and think about whats being shown or implied – or whats going on behind the scenes (like with the late, great Randy).

    Secondly: maybe give the campaign a few weeks to grow on you, I find sometimes the things i love most i initially disliked. they have an insidious habit of growing on you!

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