#668 It’s my jam by Jordan Rondel – New York New York

Anouk Rondel (with icecream) on the New York street

My sister and I got back from New York the other day. It was my first time there and after just a week I fell madly in love with the city. It is the most incredible, inspiring, stimulating and stylish place. I won’t list everything we did because there’s far too much, but our days revolved around walking for kilometres, shopping, eating amazing food and spotting famous faces. My mum, a faithful and dedicated New York lover, prepared an elaborate itinerary for us to follow so we didn’t waste a second of our time. Much to my despair my camera stopped working on me on the second day so I have nothing to show for my travels except for this one of Anouk enjoying a road-side ice cream and one of my Magnolia cupcakes being gobbled on the hotel bed (below). If anyone is planning a first time trip to New York please feel free to ask me for ideas on where to go and what to see, I have a pretty good itinerary on hand.


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  1. Catherine W says

    Hi Jordan,
    Im planning to take a trip over there this time next year so would love to see a copy of your itinerary!
    Also, sucky about your camera not working!

  2. says

    Hey Jordon,

    I am off to New York in exactly 11 days! Very excited about the whole trip. I have a few things planned but it would be great to see the copy of your itinerary.
    Shame your camera didn’t work. You will just have to go back again and take more photos 😉


  3. says

    I live in the big apple at the moment + I am sooo excited for my first winter there it’s going to fantasticly freezing especially when you compare to our fairly tame auckland winters!!

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