#669 Simon Miller Jeans (no family relation)

Don’t you love those people you can talk with about one subject over and over again for hours on end and never get bored? I’ve got that with Marty and Leon at Fabric. I reckon I go to Fabric about once a week and spend a good fifteen minutes chatting with one or both of them about the merits of this sweater over that one, the latest collections, Comme des Garcons (a lot) or the new Monocle perfume. They’re two of the only people I get to be a full on clothes nerd with and I love them for it. Anyway, I was in Fabric on Friday and Marty asked me if I ever wore jeans. This may sound like an odd question, but the amount of time I spend in my beige pants (13 out of 14 days at least) makes it a fair one. I replied yes, sometimes, but I haven’t found any in ages that I liked. I’d actually bought some baggier ACNE jeans from Fabric about five months ago but never really figured out how to fit them into what I’m wearing right now. He told me to come back in on Saturday when Leon was working as well to try on the new Simon Miller Lyric jeans – and if I liked them, they were on the house. Needless to say I went back on Saturday.

For those of you who don’t know, Simon Miller is the guy who started up Fabric (and Area 51 if my memory serves me correctly), but moved to LA a couple of years back to start his eponymous denim label (I love that word eponymous). He hasn’t had that much press back here in New Zealand, but they seem to love him over in the States – I swear at least once a fortnight I see some mention of his label on men.style.com.

I went to Fabric with my best good friend Sheida on Saturday to try on the jeans and take some pictures. Leon told me to give the 29″ and 30″ a go – the first pair wouldn’t do up past the second button but the second fit perfectly. As you can see from the photos, the denim is very stiff but creased all over – apparently the result of the starch. They’re skinny but not super tight – they’re a bit fuller in the upper leg and don’t taper off too much from the knee down – kinda like tight 50s jeans.

The beauty is in the details though – the selvedge finishing on the inner seam, button fly and coin pocket.

I wore them home, out on Saturday night (for a funfunfun drink with Jordan and Anouk Rondel and Michael Whittaker at Clooney) and all day yesterday. It might not sound like much, but that’s the first time I’ve gone two days without wearing my beige pants in a very long time.

One thing though, when the label says watch these jeans around light fabrics believe it – the bottom of one of my shirts was seriously blue by the end of the night on Saturday.

Thanks Marty and Leon at Fabric!


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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m quite a denim nut myself, i really love simon millers, i stocked 7 pairs when fabric had it’s sale, i tried these the other day….. i wouldnt call it a 50s cut…too skinny for 50s (and it’s missing hidden rivets on the back pocket…. more like a 70s slim cut, slim, but not slim enough to pretend u play in a band, the japanese selvage definitely a plus.

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