#671 The Ones2Watch(ing) Part 2 – Chloe and Emily

Emily Triggs – Image/ The Ones2Watch

If we’re to believe seminal new faces website The Ones2Watch, New Zealand could just be the great white hope of the international modelling world. Overnight, two more Kiwis made it onto their homepage – both girls, both from 62 Models:

“It’s called the Land of the Long White Cloud, but New Zealand could be renamed the Land of Incredible Beauty! We’re loving Emily Triggs, 15 years old, who is garnering lots of international agency interest. And we are equally enamoured by Chloe Graham, another young star in the making. Both girls are with 62 Models & Talent in Auckland, and both have worked for top NZ talent like Black Magazine, Helen Cherry and Zambesi. New Zealand, we are feeling the love!”

Chloe Graham – Image /The Ones2Watch

The two girls join NZ boys Michael Whittaker and Felix Terpstra who were featured on the website last week. Could this be the dawning of a new era in New Zealand modelling?

The one problem that I can foresee for NZ girls is that we don’t have a culture where it’s acceptable to send our 15 year olds (or sometimes younger) overseas to start their careers. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is very wise, but it does come as a disadvantage when they’re competing with the likes of Tanya Dziahileva who left her native Belarus at 13 or 14 to start working internationally. She’s now 18 and in the prime of her career – by the time our girls are 18 and going overseas for the first time they’ll have missed three or so years of real world experience.

Any thoughts?


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  1. Kate says

    For every successful girl who started international modelling at a very young age, I wonder how many we don’t hear about who burn out or have negative experiences etc? I imagine it’s a very difficult decision to make, though probably made easier for those from Eastern Europe where life isn’t as nice as here in NZ.
    But I would imagine though that NZ agencies work quite hard to look after their younger models?

  2. says

    Both interesting points.

    Kate – there’d be plenty who burn out and have terrible experiences. You’re right that the Eastern Europeans probably have an easier decision to make – but often because those girls are forced to become the major bread winner in the family. Hmm is that an esay decision?

    NZ agencies definitely look after their young models and parents here are much more concerned with education over modelling I think.

    Mace – I think that’s true too.

  3. Anonymous says

    Just because they are on the ones to watch doesn’t mean they are off to NY straight away! o2w feature hundreds of people and only about 5 new girls a year have any sort of huge career!

    These girls will go to school in NZ and develop before going fulltime if they do..!
    Zippora Seven was also featured on 02w at 14 and signed in NY but didn’t go there to work til she was 17

  4. charlotte says

    oh wow, they’re both stunning! they look eastern euro pretty, haha, i know that may sound silly but if i hadn’t of known they were kiwis i would’ve instantly thought euro/american, anything but here.

    send them on their way i say. (with a chaperone of courrrrse etc.)

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