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Vinnie Woolston – All images /The Fashionisto

I’ve recently gotten slightly obsessed with menswear blog Fashionisto. It’s my new go-to-blog for all things relating to clothes, campaigns, male models and scandal in the menswear business. I’m a former men.style.com addict, but their blog has gotten a bit too non-fashion related for my liking of late. So anyway, imagine my surprise and delight when I logged on to Fashionisto this morning and saw our boy Vinnie Woolston as their Photo of the Day – they did a piece on Michael Whittaker’s Kult editorial last week too. Also on the blog today – a 12 page editorial with new-on-the-scene male model Yuri. I met Yuri in Paris, he’s of Russian stock but lives in the Bronx, and he speaks with that amazing New Yawk accent – a molotov cocktail of mafia and ghetto slang. A certain friend of mine was rather enamoured of Yuri while we were in Paris, but lost the spark after they heard the voice. Well, certain-friend-of-mine, just for you, here’s the editorial in full – no voice included.


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  1. says

    Fashionisto is calling him the new Cole Mohr. Big call I reckon, but I guess the personality is there.

    I can 100% imagine him shot by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs though.

    Next campaign?

  2. Anonymous says

    mmmm… I’ve heard a lot about Yuri from a certain friend.. Vinnie Woolston sorta outclasses him though don’t you think..??

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