#675 Isaac Look-a-Likes

I was eating dinner at Renkon last night with Dayne, Michael and Derya when this guy walked down the stairs and up to the counter to order. Dayne looked over at him, looked at me, looked at him again, then kept eating. “You think he looks like me don’t you,” I said. “Mmmmmm, yeahhhh,” replied Dayne, “he’s like got the exact same hair as you.” The guy sat down at the table right behind ours. Michael started staring. Derya was talking to me, got up to get soya sauce, saw him, let out a little squeal, then sat down again. “Oh my god oh my god I was just talking to you then I turned around and you were behind me as well!” We all started staring. The poor guy tried not to notice and kept eating. We all kept staring. He kept eating. We started discussing the possibilities of a photo. He kept eating. After a while it just all got a bit too awkward so I called him over to join us. He was a very polite young Canadian student by the name of Rupert who’d just moved to Auckland for a semester of uni. We took a few photos, he ate the rest of his meal with us then left.

Derya came up with the oh-so-witty name of Isaac Look-a-Likes. I think I might have to make it a regular feature.


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  1. says

    First Anon – thank you kindly.

    Mace – you’re an asshole haha.

    Second Anon – you’re far too kind.

    Third Anon – I apologise but no I don’t have any pictures of Derya or Michael eating. It it makes you feel any better though, your comment did make me literally LOL.

  2. says

    OMIGOSH, I think there is a certain type of boy who is just appearing around the cafes at the top of vulcan lane… freak sometimes I see three or four of them awkwardly standing next to each other…

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