#676 Tatiana the Anonymous Model blogger reveals herself… and she’s a Kiwi!

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Well well well, Tatiana the Anonymous Model Blogger has just outed herself over at Jezebel, and it turns out our mate Patty Huntington was right all along – it’s none other than American born, New Zealand raised model Jenna Sauers. But even better than that, she’s from my own hometown Christchurch – and, if I’m not mistaken, she went to Rangi Ruru – the most expensive private girl’s high school in town. If you haven’t been following the A.M.B., she’s basically been like a voice for the myriad of voiceless girls worldwide who model in the industry. Topics of blogs range from eating disorders to sleazebag photographers and everything in between.

It’s been an entertaining and sometimes profound reading experience, and I salute Jenna Sauers for what she has done. In a witty, honest and at times bewildering article entitled I Am The Anonymous Model, Sauers explains who she is, how she got started in the industry and what she’s made of her experience. Please read it, I promise you’ll get something out of it. Yes, she’s a bit high brow in her choice of words (some would call it eloquent? – most Rangi Ruru girls I know are), and yes she’s a bit of a literature snob (some would call it well read?) but there’s nothing I love more than a story about somebody’s real life journey, and this is one of the best I’ve read in ages.

I can’t wait to hear what she has to say for herself next.


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  1. says

    sauers is a new zealand native. she later moved to the US with her parents.

    her australian agency reports it has sighted her new zealand passport and that that she herself told them she was born in NZ.

  2. says

    i stand corrected.

    the agent – who claimed to have sighted the passport – has actually in fact now checked it and the place of birth listed is louisiana.

    sauers nevertheless remains indelibly connected to NZ. she grew up there, leaving as recently as five years ago and identifies as a new zealander. not as an american who spent a couple of years in a foreign country on daddy’s sabbatical. in her blog entries from NZ fashion week last september, she refers to herself as a new zealander and to coming “home”, adding that she hopes to return to live there.

  3. says

    i should read my own blog posts.

    she says she was born in the US in the iv we did at NZFW last year. she goes into a little more detail in that. talks about moving to NZ as an infant and spending her childhood and adolescence there, beyond a brief stint in morocco at the age of 10:


  4. Anonymous says

    She posted this on TFS last year:
    “I have joint US/NZ citizenship. And I did model back in NZ, as a kid, and then as a very very part-time job in high school. Still managed to be in a few things, mostly for Asian brands that would shoot in our lovely scenery. Korean, HK, or Taiwanese friends at school would occasionally find pictures of me in their imported magazines, and be all like, “Jenna! You’re posing with my country’s hottest hearthrob popsinger! OMG!” and I would be totally oblivious, of course.

    I never modeled internationally in high school, because my parents were focused on my graduating and going to college — and honestly, that was what I really wanted, too. Education is always the right choice, and unfortunately it’s one that gets short shrift in this industry.”

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