#681 The world’s top ten male models right now, according to Forbes

Number 1 – Sean O’Pry All Images /Forbes.com

Forbes’ annual top ten male models list has just been released, and Sean O’Pry was given the number one spot. He was GQ Style‘s top model of the year in… hmm when was it… oh yeah, that’s right, 2007! (I’m not such a fan.) The other placers were (in this order) Matt Gordon, David Gandy, Danny Schwartz, Garrett Neff, Ollie Edwards, Tyler Riggs, Jon Kortajarena, Taylor Fuchs and Cole Mohr. I’m not going to argue with Gordon and Gandy – they both have major fragrance campaigns under their belts. Garrett Neff makes sense – he’s the face of CK underwear and perfume. Jon Kortajarena is in every fashion magazine on the planet as Tom Ford’s main man, and Ollie Edwards and Danny Schwartz have been smashing campaigns from Armani to D&G. Tyler Riggs had Louis Vuitton, but I’m surprised he was placed higher than the others, which leaves my two favourites – Taylor Fuchs and Cole Mohr.

But I still think they left a few people out – where are Simon Nessman, Ash Stymest, Josh Beech and Matvey Lykov?

Photos of the top ten men below.

Number 2 – Matt Gordon

Number 3 – David Gandy

Number 4 – Danny Schwartz

Number 5 – Garrett Neff

Number 6 – Ollie Edwards

Number 7 – Tyler Riggs

Number 8 – Jon Kortajarena

Number 9 – Taylor Fuchs

Number 10 – Cole Mohr


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  1. Charlotte says

    ’cause male models deserve recognition too, y’all! they’ll never out trump Da Girls but there are some hot bitches out there, prettier than your average jane doe.

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