#687 It’s the pleat in my pants… don’t act like you’re not impressed

I’ve been going on and on and on about pleated pants over the last few weeks, so when the opportunity came for me to snap up a pair, I jumped at the chance. Last week I started a new enterprise – personal shopping. Basically, I take men out to a whole bunch of stores, get them to try on copious amounts of clothes then tell them what looks best (in my humble opinion). It’s all about building a wardrobe from the basics up. I was working with a middle aged man last Friday, and before beginning our expedition we had a look through his closet. While dissecting its innards (rows and rows of white Kenzo shirts and blue and cream cargo shorts), I came across this pair of massive beige Polo by Ralph Lauren pleated pants. They were 15 years old, lightweight, voluminous and tapered at the bottom. I had to have them. The gentleman was kind enough to oblige me, and I am now the proud owner of the best pants ever. So far I’ve had conflicting reactions. My male friends love them (and just quietly I think Dayne wants to steal them for himself), but my flatmate Anna said something about them being the ugliest things she’d ever seen. Huge call!

What say you? More shots below.


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  1. says

    I think it depends on what you pair them with. Personally, I think they are great but those converse shoes did not do them justice! I reckon it will be perfect for spring.

  2. Anonymous says

    No, No! They look to big for you maybe get them taken in a bit…… They make you look a little fat and your not fat….

  3. Anonymous says

    I think they would be sweet if they were a.) the right size around the waist b. a bit less voluminous, and c.) if from just above the knee down to the cuff was taken in like a cigarette pant so they vaguely resembled the shape of a pair of riding breeches.

  4. Anonymous says

    Not a good look……. Girls don’t look at guys in those pants! leave them to the old men…… unless you are a sexy model

  5. Anonymous says

    I really like the idea of having them taken in to make a riding pant. It would distinguish your look further. Take a half point motherfucker.

  6. says

    If you put it that way, the creased look goes super well with the look. To be honest, taking them in to make them look like riding breeches would look ridiculous!

  7. Anonymous says

    Leah do you want Isaac to look like a fool? Tell him the truth about the pants! Not a good look on you Isaac trust me!

  8. k says

    I think they need some alterations.. On the plus side, they bring your intimidation level down half a point.

  9. Charlotte says

    they are amazing, i dig. in fact, the baggier the goddamn better, it’s like you’re taking the piss out of the bagginess, and taking the piss is hilarious. good steal!

  10. says

    i have been excited to read this all day.

    not convinced on the shoe combo, but i am 100% for beige pants in any form – here’s a 3/4 point.

    love, cookie

  11. says

    eeeek Isaac,
    Lucky your a slender young man otherwise I think that photo’d make me feel real uncomfortable!
    My thoughts – NOT for a large man.
    Half a point? *:-)

  12. Leonie says

    Darling, you could live in those and be loved forever. Like what you’ve teamed them with. Tres chic!

  13. says

    Great -pleats are the bomb -flattering if you are not a stick insect + redolent of more tailored times-great with a skinny top layer -tight V neck + T or exagerated shirt collar-especially if you have a swimmers body shape .What more they are about DETAIL and that is what makes clothing so fascinating-time warp/time forward-who cares, if they suit you wear on…..

  14. Anonymous says

    having seen them in the “flesh” yesterday Im gonna say hell no isaac, lose those pants, it looks like you’ve raided a clothing bin or mugged a homeless guy. a really fat homelss guy haha

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