#688 Beige days

Along with the beige pants I wear everyday, I only ever wear beige socks. It started out as a thing I liked to do with this one pair of beige shorts, but then it started taking over. Now all I ever seem to buy are beige socks. They go with everything – beige pants, blue jeans, maroon sweaters… I’ve had cheap socks and expensive socks, but my favourites are the ribbed ones from Hallensteins. My school socks were beige. Must all be part of my obsession with dressing like a schoolboy.


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  1. Anonymous says

    the ever increasing “beige-ness” of your blog is starting to make me hurl… are you out of ideas or what?
    tried putting a beige sock on your penis yet? so “ash” right now

  2. says

    funny I have for the last 15 years always bought BLACK socks -black goes with beige + everything else-grounds your dressing + puts some weight at the bottom of the profile -I do sometimes wear WHITE socks -if I want to do a slick or retro look -with shiney black shoes or white jeans ? trying to be witty -buying socks of a consistant colour shows a commitment to your personal style -go beige!

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