1. Anonymous says

    Great call. It shows yet again that truly empowered women dont have to be furry-lipped bitter feminists with chips on their shoulders. She is a business woman who has achieved success and financial indpendence that would be daunting to men, yet transcends tiresome gender comparisons and acknoweledges differences that do make us dependant upon each other. Just makes her sexier and more of a woman in my eyes. Horror feminists bring it on.

  2. Rebeccah says

    Mr Whittaker, please.
    How many furry lipped bitter feminists do you actually know? And how many people, let alone men, get freaked out by financial independence?
    I think there are probably some bitter women out there, for whatever reason, but bitterness is not a side-effect of feminism. With the exception of a few university lecturers (who just never seem to break into the institution’s highest echelons) I personally don’t know any.
    The reality is, few women would be anywhere without the original feminists paving our way. Like it or lump it, it’s a true story. Second wave feminists (loosely) ensured that women now earn on average about 80% of what men earn, in any given equivalent job. True story. Before women working was the norm (if you’re an 80s child you’re not too old to remember) women used to volunteer a lot, because they weren’t getting paid for their daily hard slog. Working instead of being a mum was looked down on a lot.
    Is that militant enough for you Isaac?!
    I can’t claim to be a feminist, I’m all for equality. Like Elle I don’t think this means “sameness”, there are differences between women and men. However I can’t believe Elle thinks the basics are different for men and women. Rights to education, a roof over your head, food in your tummy, clothes on your back, an ability to work and be paid fairly, these are human rights and it’s silly to even think of breaking them up on the basis of sex.
    Ok Ise, back to my real work!

  3. Anonymous says

    Rebeca I think you are reading way too much into a comment Elle MacPherson said. She didn’t say anything about women and men having different “rights to education, a roof over your head, food in your tummy, clothes on your back, an ability to work and be paid fairly” she was just acknowledging that men and women ARE different (whether we like it or not) and that being a factor that has to be considered.

  4. Anonymous says

    I don’t think she was reading too much into it. Yes, Elle has perhaps blurted out a very poorly worded sentence which may have warped what she intended to say, but the word “rights” (which Elle used) is a very strong one, the full meaning of which Rebeccah has outlined very accurately.

  5. Michael. says

    Uno..most men would be very intimidated by a woman with a higher earning power than themselves like Elle..not me because I am shameless. This instinct is because it has been ingrained in the male psyche to be a provider. The fact that her partners have all been extremely wealthy shows that even women of her status like to have a feeling of protection. In an age where physical protection is no longer such a subconcious draw-card this security is sought after. Psychologist friends have told me that when this dynamic is disrupted both parites suffer. The man almost always feels inadequate while the woman feels he is kinda pathetic..hmm. shit.

    Dos.. I actually DO know quite a few furry lipped fems. My ex-boss was the worst case imaginable. She actually got her upper lip bleached but the fur was still visible, especially in profile in certain lights. She had reduced her husband to a quivering wreck with her constant man-bashing. This might have contributed to my opinion upon this scourge.

    Tres..The O.G feminists probably did have a fairly rough time. I believe one of the most influential was the revered Veronica Corningstone of Anchorman fame.

    Your right about the human rights bit. And the diff between same and equal.

    Big ups to Elle!

    And Rebecca you are very smart.

    (For a feminist.)

  6. Leonie says

    It’s disappointing that people see a hormonal imbalance (furry-lip) as evidence of feminist ideology. Elle is not reknown for her intellect. She is “The Body”, not “The Mind”. She is not a philosopher, a psychologist nor a sociologist. She should perhaps stick to her areas of expertise… being photographed and choosing pretty patterns for undies.

  7. Rebeccah H-M says

    Oh Isaac you are far too kind! My hair is much less remarkable and doesn’t share my sirname – old or new. So sad!
    I’m really just your phone a friend commenter.
    Michael, love your work! I am sorry that you suffered at the hands of a man-hater, that can’t have been a fun experience. I have to concur sir, Veronica Corningstone for life!

  8. says

    Elle’s comment “doesn’t really sit with me”.

    I think I know where she was coming from, and agree that there are inherent details between men and women, but I also think people in a postion of influence (which as much as some may hate to believe it, EM is) need to be very careful when speaking on the record.

    The subject of equal rights is a tender one and I’m shocked to hear anyone pass it off so lightly. I wonder if Elle would have the same opinion about equal rights when it comes to race or religion?

  9. says

    The work of feminists in the last couple of decades has given women in the present decade a lot of choices.Present day women are luckier than feminists of yesteryear as We’re able to pick and choose which of those concepts sit well with us,work in our everyday lives etc.Maybe what Elle meant is that instead of definining our lives via concepts framed by feminists,we should find things that are relevant to each of us,both as men as well as women.And just because a person is AWARE of feminism,does not make that person a FEMINIST.and definetely not an angry one at that.I love studying feminism,I am majoring in it and using it for analysing media and film.Our professor humours us by using brightly coloured Pink paper as covers for the coursebooks.Most of the girls in class are girly girls dressed to the nines,and no-one sports a furry upper lip any more!Feminism has a less sensational face nowadays,women can “fight” on subtler levels,thanks to the feminists gone by.

  10. Lovisa says

    People who think the feminist cause isn’t important are normally just un-educated about the matter.
    That’s not me saying Elle is grade-a moron. Oh wait, yeah it is..

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