#691 Forget Forbes, this is Zippora Seven’s Top Ten male models

Remember last week I gave my two cents on the Top Ten male models in the world right now according to Forbes? The very next day I received a message from New Zealand model Zippora Seven telling me they’d gotten it all wrong. In her most esteemed opinion, they’d left out some of the key boys in the business, and she wanted it to be known. She set to work creating a new list. Let’s call it The Official Top Ten Male Models in the World Right Now According to Zippora Seven.

62 Models

10. Vinnie Paunovic because of his stories.


9. Levi Clarke because he’s hot in general.


8. Jethro Cave cos he’s real.


7. Mathias Lauridsen!!!! Scar on his face.

Steve Wood

6. Josh Beech. Saved my life twice.


5. Yuri Pleskun because he bought me breakfast.


4. Taylor Fuchs. For his teeth.


3. Lenz von Johnston because we went to a protest together and it was fun and he’s really onto it and he makes cool tee shirts.

Image /TFS

2. Simon Nessman because he is sweet and why would anyone not like him.


1. Jethro Cave is my favourite because we get into trouble and have a whole lot of fun.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Issac stop name dropping people you aren’t friends with to get hits on your sight. It’s using people!

  2. Anonymous says

    man, there are so many green-eyed monsters out there! and it’s site not sight, more homework, less hatework, I think should be the focus for you last anon!

  3. Wants Old Isaac says

    Isaac, you can do so much better than this. Not hating on Zippora (she has amazing eyes) BUT this is the most ridiculous self-promoting excuse for a list I’ve ever seen. Who includes themselves in every reason? Just plain self-centered. Sorry to sound bitchy but the class and quality of your blog has plummeted w the inclusion of this and the lame video..

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