#696 Dunedin models are taking over our city!

All Images /Thom Kerr

I’m obsessed with the three Dunedinites in Auckland right now – Nicole Clulee, Stella Maxwell and Felix Terpstra. Either Dunedin is New Zealand’s Perth (the birthplace of Gemma Ward) or Ali McD just has an incredible eye for finding roses among all those Southern thorns (snap). I can’t wait to see what becomes of them all – especially Nicole who’s been taking a break the last few months but is back in this test, but especially Stella who was off overseas within two weeks of signing on and apparently has some biiiig options in her chart, but especially Felix who is supposed to be in Europe by the end of the year – I can see him walking Prada first season. Ali McD is signing all her models exclusively with Red11 so as soon as they land in Auckland you know they’ll be heading straight into Thom Kerr’s capable and efficient hands (he’s going test crazy right now). This shoot, styled by Kylie Cook, was done on Sunday and put up on the websites just this morning. Best test I’ve seen come out of New Zealand in a long time.


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  1. says

    Speaking of Thom, he has some AMAZING editorials coming up over the next few months. 2 for PILOT which are super-duper-hot of course :)

    But he also showed me 2 editorials he has done for an Australian magazine using NZ models (best not say who) and they are breathtakingly good…

  2. Anonymous says

    It’s great to see all Ali McD’s models in Auckland. On topic of Pilot… I hope Olivia is in your next issue *prays*

  3. Anonymous says

    i have to say – Kylie Cook is now the best stylist in NZ. those work are amazing – she knows how to get things layered without being too much and messy. good balance of texture and use of accessories….. i have to say, best styling work that i have seen for a long time in NZ.

  4. Anonymous says

    Don’t know about the best??????
    There are a lot of good stylist in NZ and she is not at the top of the list……….

  5. Anonymous says

    trust me, i have seen works of other NZ stylists from oldies to new comers.. they just push that ambiguity layering.. and less of colour/accessories combo. Kylie did amazing job – she gets my clap.

  6. Anonymous says

    Tooo many egos in NZ…… not enough talent…… you just need to look what’s going on around the world to see that!

  7. Anonymous says

    Just looked at Thom Kerr’s web site! don’t know what all the talks about…. Looks a bit dated to me! Seen way better

  8. Anonymous says

    hi andy from PILOT here on someone else’s computer at the studio…

    We are shooting Georgia Fowler and Michael Whitaker with Thom right now…

    and I’m wondering why I am taking the bait from ANON internet bitches


    haha bite me bitches!


  9. Anonymous says

    calm down people. its different strokes for different folks. thats why theres different magazines with different styles to appeal to different folks with different tastes.
    Im not really a fan of Thom Kerrs bright happy style but i can see the merit in it, personally i love the fucked up (in a good way) styling of karen inderbitzen and zara mirkin its very nz to me

  10. Anonymous says

    Kylie is a great stylist!
    It is such a relief to see a stylist that isnt so grunge.

    Whoever is bagging Pilot – up yours. Fantastic magazine with great editorial and writing.
    Grade A+

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