#698 Dunedin models are taking over our city! Part II – Felix Bartholomew Terpstra

All Images /Thom Kerr

Felix shot his first test with Thom Kerr on Sunday. The styling is a bit all over the place – one minute it’s early 90s Versace grunge, the next Huckleberry Finn meets colourful dandy, but I guess that’s just to show off the versatility of his look (insert Zoolander joke here). As you can see, the boy has an incredible face. He’s feline and androgynous with the high cheekbones and everything, exactly what I like in a male model. Plus he’s about 6’1 and extremely thin – perfect for shows. And the guy’s name is Felix Bartholomew Terpstra. I think he should drop the Terpstra and just roll with Felix Bartholomew, with a name like that he’s destined for fame. Now the only question remaining is this… Who’s going to shoot him for his first proper job? I’m looking at you Karen Inderbitzen Waller! And you Dayne Johnston!


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