#700 Comme Play shoes… MY BUZZ!

Image /High Snobiety

I have officially just found a replacement for the navy blue chucks I wear everyday. Actually, I am planning on getting these if I can find them in New Zealand, so who knows, I might be rolling three pairs deep fairly soon. Leon at Fabric told me about the Comme Play sneakers about two months ago and I’ve been dying to see them ever since – now, thanks to my mate Helen, I’ll sleep easy tonight. I like the black with red ones, but I don’t wear a single black article of clothing, so I’ll be getting the cream with red high tops. The sneakers are debuting at Dover Street Market on September 10th, and they’ll be in store at Fabric in Auckland late September, somewhere around the $180 – $220 mark.

What do you think though… Too dorky to match your sweater with your shoes? I’ll trial it and let you know.


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  1. Anonymous says

    This one is for you Amber. They are Chuck Taylors…..Comme des Garcons Play collaboration with Converse to be exact.

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