#701 I’m so tired

I’ve hardly gone out at all over the last two years, so this week has been insane for me. Here’s how it went: last Saturday – out until 4:30am. Monday – out until 10:30pm. Tuesday – out until 12:00am. Wednesday – out until 3:00am. Thursday – out until 12:30am. Friday – never ended, I had to be at the airport at 5:40am for a super early flight to Christchurch, and Dayne promised he’d drive me if I partied with him. We stayed out all night. I slept an hour on the plane and about ten minutes in the bath at my parent’s house. I’m so tired. Tonight I have to go out to see school friends. I think I’m going to die.

The point is, if you’re in Auckland and you read this in time, make sure you go to Cassette for Showroom 22’s I Love Fashion Party tonight. I’m so dark I’m missing it! Drop Maury Bevanburg’s name and I reckon there might be a free drink in it for you. Don’t tell him I told you though.


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  1. says

    Good boy, Isaac.

    Friends – text me on 021 746 976 and I can add your name to the door. Do this before 9pm otherwise it’s just too bloody late.

    See you soon, flatmate. We can eat eggs, bananas, tea, deep-dish apple pie and scrape cat hair off each other.


    P.S. Check your pic on FrontRowDiary.com’s ANZFW designer announcement gallery. Like your credit?

  2. Anonymous says

    Too true!! Is this THE Showroom 22 that’s doing a tent at Highlife New Years eve party in Matakana?? Guess I’ll be wearing my white boob tube, and matching pants with a sparkly g-string then… ew. Might give tonight a miss thanks.

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