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I might be the last person in New Zealand to have noticed this, but Sara Ziff and Ole Schell, the makers behind modelling documentary Picture Me were interviewed by our own John Campbell while I was away in Europe. Watch it here. I love it when John Campbell asks Ole Schell if he was surprised by how many predatory straight men there are in the fashion industry. Schell’s response: “I wouldn’t want to diminish the number of gay men in the industry because there certainly are a lot haha.” (He goes on to say that there is a small percentage of very dodgy straight men.)

And when asked what he would do if his daughter wanted to be a model: “I think I might move to Guam or something to stop it from happening. I would not let it happen. I have had a real view into this industry and before I met Sara I really didn’t know anything about it. I grew up in California and for me it was really exciting at first when I met Sara and she took me around on these shoots and I was granted this access and I was able to film it and it was like wow what an amazing world. But slowly, and then quickly I realised that certainly there are all these issues that the public has perceptions of that aren’t always incorrect but are weird and wrong in other ways. I think the youth of the models is something that’s really the crux of the main problem of everything within the industry.”

There is no distributor for New Zealand and Australia yet, but apparently they’re in negotiations.


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