#705 Where’s the Fair? (Isle)

Image /men.style.com

I’ve been obsessed with Fair Isle knits for about a year now, but I never seem to be able to find them anywhere. This one is by Burberry from an LA store named Confederacy. I’m obsessed – somebody help me! Where can I find one in this neck of the woods? Actually, maybe somebody in New Zealand should design one. Everyone’s working on their Winter 2010 collections now, who’s into it??


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  1. says

    aah i love fair isle too!! but it has to be either really oversized and “borrowed from granpa-ish” or small and shrunken like those of postWW2 British children.

  2. Anonymous says

    you could get one custom knit for you. i am currently trying to have this done for myself. i will let you know if it happens.cheers

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